Lok Sabha to Take Up Triple Talaq Bill Today, BJP Issues Whip to Its MPs

The government has noted the contentious Triple Talaq Bill for consideration and passage in the Lok Sabha today, with the ruling BJP issuing a whip to its MPs and asking them to ensure their presence in the House. The bill, which criminalises immediate divorce by Muslim men and seeks jail term for the guilty, was the first draft bill tabled by the Narendra Modi government in its first assembly after it accepted an oath of office for a second term in May.

Several defence parties have bitterly debated the legislation, but the government has said that the bill is a step towards gender equity and justice. Somebody like the Congress, the Trinamool Congress and the DMK have asked that it be sent to a parliamentary committee for scrutiny.
The BJP-led (NDA) enjoys a vast majority in the Lower House, making the way of the bill a specific conclusion. However, the Gov is set to face an uphill task in the Rajya Sabha where opposition parties have a numerical advantage over the repository benches.

Some of the BJP’s allies, including the JD(U), have also shown their reservation about the bill.


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