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Ashwin to Ebadat Hossain, out Caught by U Yadav!! Umesh Yadav takes a tumbling catch and India’s unprecedented victory run at home continues! They win by a massive margin of innings and 130 runs to go 1-0 up in the series. It was a flighted delivery, Ebadat Hossain was enticed by it and went after it by coming down the track. He miscues it horribly, Yadav goes back from mid-on and takes a fine catch. He dives after taking it to make it look a little dramatic. Ebadat Hossain c U Yadav b Ashwin 1(3)


Shami to Abu Jayed, FOUR, Abu Jayed has a technique of his own. It was on a length and was on the stumps, Abu Jayed backs away to get out of the line of the ball. But he gets the timing on the straight push right and it races away for a boundary


Ashwin to Rahim, out Caught by Pujara!! The last hope for Bangladesh in their quest to defy the hosts is gone. You could sense that this was coming because Rahim wasn’t going to hang around with number 10 at the other end. Skipped out of the crease as he wanted to play the big shot. Ashwin looped it up and gets some purchase, Rahim wasn’t to the pitch and miscues the loft. Slicing it up towards mid-off where Pujara back-tracks and takes a smart catch. Rahim c Pujara b Ashwin 64(150) [4s-7]


Shami to Abu Jayed, no run, did it carry? Jadeja’s reaction suggests it did. That’s been the story for Indians in the cordon. He’s one of the best in the business but it was a tough catch. Opens up Jayed as this curls away after pitching, Jayed pushes hard and gets a thick outside edge which flew to Jadeja at gully. It was dipping and Jaddu could only get a hand on it as it skims through his fingers


Shami to Taijul Islam, out Caught by W Saha!! The potent weapon to get rid of Islam. Shami does a 360 degree celebration and punches the air in delight. Shot up from a short of length, it kept gaining height and Islam took his eyes off the ball completely after getting into a tangle. Got cramped for room and had nowhere to hide. Off the shoulder of the bat and skies up in the air. Saha takes a few steps forward and pouches it. The end is near for Bangladesh. 2 wickets more! Taijul Islam c W Saha b Shami 6(43) [4s-1]


Ashwin to Rahim, FOUR, this has been Rahim’s modus operandi. He’s made a habit of playing Ashwin mostly on the back foot. It was tossed up just outside off, Rahim waited for it and late-cut it past slip. It zooms away to the third man fence


U Yadav to Taijul Islam, FOURedged and four, on a good length and in that channel around off, Taijul wasn’t right behind the line as he defended, the ball caught the outside edge and rolled through the cordon, first boundary for Taijul


U Yadav to Mehidy Hasan, out Bowled!! Mehidy’s fighting knock comes to an end and Umesh has struck in the first over after tea. A painful end to Mehidy’s stay – Umesh shortened his length and got this one to nip back at pace – Mehidy was clearly startled by the late movement, made a late attempt to get away from the line, Umesh’s pace was too quick though, hit his back elbow and clattered into the middle-stump. Mehidy walks away in dismay, India are three wickets away from going 1-0 up. Mehidy Hasan b U Yadav 38(55) [4s-5 6s-1]


Shami to Mehidy Hasan, FOUR, full ball angling back into Mehidy Hasan, he stays in the crease, lifts his back leg and flicks it past mid-wicket for a boundary


Shami to Mehidy Hasan, FOUR, Shami hasn’t found his rhythm yet! He provides a lot of room on this delivery, Mehidy Hasan accepts the width and pumps it wide of cover for a boundary. He holds his pose too!


U Yadav to Mehidy Hasan, FOUR, it was short and wide and Mehidy Hasan slashed hard at it and it went over the second slip for a boundary. Rohit there jumped in the air but it was out of his reach


U Yadav to Rahim, 2 runs, length delivery down the leg-side, Rahim tucks it away to the on-side and collects a double. He reaches his fifty too! It’s been a fighting innings from Mushy!


Ashwin to Mehidy Hasan, FOUR, in the air but wide of Shami at long-on. Mehidy Hasan charged forward on this delivery and heaved it with the spin. He fails to reach the pitch of it but still went through with the shot. it ended up wide of Shami and Mehidy Hasan collects a four


Jadeja to Rahim, FOUR, too short from Jadeja, Rahim goes back quickly and cuts it wide of Yadav at backward point. He had no chance as it runs away to the fence!


Ashwin to Mehidy Hasan, FOUR, flatter delivery wide of off, Mehidy Hasan rocks back and carves it away wide of backward point for a boundary


Ashwin to Mehidy Hasan, SIX, something to enjoy for Mehidy Hasan in this match. Brilliant use of the feet to reach the pitch of it and slogs it away down the ground for a maximum


Ashwin to Liton Das, out Caught&Bowled!! That’s a soft soft dismissal. And Liton Das has thrown it away, he can’t believe it. Ashwin provides some air on this delivery and Liton Das dashes forward, didn’t get close to the ball but still went through with the drive, some extra bounce and because of that it ends up straight into the hands of Ashwin who takes a fine return catch, got both hands across and held on despite it being at an awkward height. Liton Das c and b Ashwin 35(39) [4s-6]


Ashwin to Liton Das, FOUR, Bangladesh are putting up a show here now. Was fuller, Liton Das leans into it and strokes it between cover and mid-off for a four. Lovely timing on it


Jadeja to Rahim, FOUR, Jadeja is being taken to the task here! That was flatter on the sticks, Rahim knelt down and sweeps it past the man at square leg for a four. Was very well placed and timed


Jadeja to Rahim, FOUR, drops it short, Rahim is quick to rock back and cut it through the covers for a four. Jadeja continues to struggle


Ashwin to Rahim, FOUR, brings out the reverse hack and gets it away behind square for a four. That was done well


Jadeja to Liton Das, FOUR, quicker ball darted in but Liton Das can do no wrong today! Whips the tuck off the pads and gets it through the mid-wicket region for a four


Ishant to Liton Das, FOUR, oozes class, does this man. Anything that is pitched up, he’s going for it without any fear. Takes that front foot next to the pitch and drives it sublimely through cover. Three fours in the over


Ishant to Liton Das, FOUR, lovely drive! Presents the full face of the bat and strokes it down past the non-striker for a four. He times them so very well


Ishant to Liton Das, FOUR, allows the ball to come to him and then just steers it out with soft hands for a four. The man behind square on the off-side did give it a chase but the fast outfield didn’t give him much of a chance


Jadeja to Rahim, FOUR, Jadeja plays it into the hands of the batter by dropping it short. Rahim rocked back and cut it past point for a four


Jadeja to Rahim, FOUR, the slog sweep is brought out and he executes it well. That was on the sticks, Rahim knelt down and slog swept it aerially through the vacant deep mid region for a four


Shami to Liton Das, FOUR, this man is so good to the eyes! Soothing cover drive as he silked that pitched up delivery through the covers for a four. India want him to drive and he obliged with a sweet hit


Shami to Mahmudullah, out Caught by Rohit!! Taken! Poky push outside off, the ball flew off the edge and this time Rohit didn’t make any mistake. That could have been left alone but Mahmudullah pushed at it and paid the price. India break the stand and the backbone of this batting order as well. The capitulation continues. Shami has another one and blows a kiss skywards. Mahmudullah c Rohit b Shami 15(35) [4s-2]


Jadeja to Mahmudullah, FOUR, and a welcome boundary! Short ball, turning away, Mahmudullah got on top of the bounce and stabbed the cut to send it past point for a four


Shami to Mahmudullah, FOUR, a rare loosener from Shami. Attempted the nip-bender and overdid it a tad. Onto the pads and Mahmudullah helps it fine with a neat tickle. Shami knows he’s made a mistake and realizes it


Shami to Rahim, no run, dropped at second slip. No this is not an action replay from the first innings. It’s Rahim again, who gets a lifeline. Rohit puts down a straightforward catch here. India’s slip catching continues to be messy. Fuller length and held its line just outside off, Rahim groped hard at it and feeds a thick outside edge which traveled to Rohit’s left. He moves his hands quickly but it bursts through to fall on the ground. This has been the only grey area as far as India are concerned in this Test1


Shami to Mithun, out Caught by Agarwal!! Another one bites the dust. This is a tame dismissal. Shami strikes again to rattle Bangladesh as they slip to 44/4. Bends his back and extracts spongy bounce to floor Mithun, who wanted to pull. Gets hurried by the pace and bounce, ends up mistiming a dolly to mid-wicket. Gets it high on the bat and lost his shape completely. Two wickets in two overs for Shami. Mithun c Agarwal b Shami 18(26) [4s-4]


U Yadav to Mithun, no run, tailed in a long way and Mithun plays down the wrong line only to get rammed on the front pad. Umpire Marais Erasmus shook his head and in the end, he was proved right. The angle and excess movement took it down leg


U Yadav to Mithun, FOUR, wristed past mid-wicket. Confident shot from Mithun. Umesh gets his line a little straight and gets punished


Shami to Mominul, out Lbw!! Huge appeal from Shami for lbw, umpire Rod Tucker ain’t too interested and rejects it. Shami is so convinced that he walks up to his skipper asking him to go for the review. This looked really close on first viewing. Not a no-ball. Flat line on the UltraEdge. Over to ball-tracking.. Three reds and it predicts that the ball is going to smash the leg-stump. That escalated pretty quickly, ain’t it? Shami is showing why he’s a different beast when it comes to the second innings. It was the pacer, who persuaded Kohli to take the review and he’s spot on. This cut back in from a length, Mominul was going nowhere after shuffling a bit and getting chained in the crease. Unable to combat the movement, gets rapped on the pad around the knee-roll. It looked plumb and there you go! Three down now are Bangladesh and it’s all going downhill for the visitors. Mominul lbw b Shami 7(20) [4s-1]


Shami to Mominul, leg byes, FOUR, in a bid to curve this back in, Shami errs by sliding it down leg. Crashes Mominul’s thigh and flies past Saha


U Yadav to Mithun, FOURedged and four, but Mithun played with soft hands and the edge went to ground almost immediately – pitched up and shaping away from off, drew Mithun into pushing at that


U Yadav to Mithun, FOURnicely played, Mithun is growing in confidence, pitched up and a hint of shape wide of off, Mithun leans forward, gets into a good position and then finds the gap wide of cover with the drive


Ishant to Mithun, FOURlovely shot, that should relieve some pressure off Mithun – short of a length and well wide of off, Mithun stands tall and chops it behind square on the off-side for a boundary


Ishant to Shadman Islam, out Bowled!! I’m afraid this is turning pear-shaped for Bangladesh – lovely delivery from Ishant, pitched outside off and jagged back in sharply, Shadman didn’t do a lot wrong actually, he did play for the swing, but was a tad late in getting his bat down. The ball zipped through the gap and hit the top of middle – bowling at its absolute best by the Indian new-ball bowlers. Shadman Islam b Ishant 6(24)


U Yadav to Mominul, no run, loud shout for LBW, did the ball come back enough to hit the stump? Anyway, India have decided to review. No shot offered, so the impact doesn’t matter. It’s a fair delivery. Don’t think the ball has come back enough and ball-tracking confirms it. Good call from Erasmus, it’s NOT OUT. India lose their first review, on a good length and just a hint of nip back into the left-hander, Mominul covered the line and then let it go, brushed the pads on its way to the keeper and that got the Indians excited


U Yadav to Mominul, FOUR, too full and too wide of off, Mominul bends down low, plays with an open face and squeezes it behind square on the off-side for a boundary


U Yadav to Kayes, out Bowled!! Cleaned up! Lovely ball from Umesh, this was full and this one curved back with pace, Kayes was not getting anywhere close on the drive, the ball grazed the inside edge and flattened the leg-stump. He never looked at ease, Kayes and this was always coming. Perhpas, he could have played with a straighter bat, but he can now think about his batting in the dressing room. Kayes b U Yadav 6(13) [4s-1]


U Yadav to Kayes, FOURlovely, overpitched and wide of off, was looking for swing there, Umesh – Kayes leans into the drive, plays it on the up and finds the gap wide of cover for a boundary

09:39 AM IST: Confident ride from Kayes

FOUR! A half-volley from Umesh, Kayes puts it away in style. A big stride forward, revealing the face of the bat just at the last minute to find the gap perfect cover drive.

09:36 AM IST: Ishant starts well

Pace, a small amount of swing a lot of carries – Ishant Sharma begins brightly. The pitch quickly appearance an entire ton completely different. However credit Shadman too, he did not push any of the deliveries, and once he got one in his vary, he sold it straight to urge off the mark with three runs. East Pakistan 3/0

09:30 AM IST: Players create their method

A small huddle & off they’re going. Virat Kohli leads the Indian aspect to come to the centre. They’re well and really within the driver’s seat and can look clean up this game by bowling East Pakistan out these days. East Pakistan openers Imrul Kayes and Shadman would like to prove them wrong.

09:25 AM IST: ‘Shami can choose four.’

VVS Laxman puts the predictor’s hat on and says Muhammad Shami can choose four wickets within the second innings. Out of all of Laxman’s predictions this match (which did not go that well), this one appears to be the foremost probably. ‘2nd innings Shami’ as Harsha Bhogle lovingly refers the Indian seamers picks up additional wickets within the second innings, that isn’t solely uncommon however is incredibly rare in Indian conditions.

09:15 AM IST: Ishant marking his run-up

Moments when the news of Republic of India declaring their innings bust, Ishant Sharma diode the Indian seamers to the centre to mark their run-ups and readying. They sure can look to repeat the performance they placed on within the initial innings.

09:06 AM IST: the Republic of India have declared

News returning in from Indore is that the Republic of India has proclaimed long. Thus Jadeja and Umesh will not begin to bat and instead they’ll have the ball in hand once play starts on Day three in regarding twenty-five minutes from currently. Republic of India lead by 343 runs and one would have to be compelled to say it is a wise call. There was no purpose happening.

09:01 AM IST: East Pakistan coach Russell tenor praises the Republic of India

“There’s little doubt that within the past, Republic of India backed themselves to win reception on spinning pitches. Currently, i do not suppose that is the case. I believe they’re backing themselves against any team on smart pitches. There is an attitude shift,” tenor aforesaid when the second Day’s play.

08:56 AM IST: incumbrance on East Pakistan

Bangladesh in their huddle, will they take this game to the fourth Day? The Republic of India, on the opposite hand, is searching for additional relaxed, players are warming up, bowlers are browsing their motions, says our correspondent Manish Pathak from Indore.

08:35 AM IST: Day three guarantees end?

Hello & welcome to the live coverage of Day three of the Republic of India vs East Pakistan first take a look at Indore. If you thought Day one was dominance, then Day a pair of saw it go many levels higher courtesy Mayank Agarwal’s double century. The Republic of India is 343 runs ahead with still four wickets in hand. One gets the sensation {they won’t|they can not} bat long on the third Day which means the Indian bowlers will have enough likelihood to require Bangladesh’s ten wickets and clean up the sport these days itself. However, we tend to should not jump the gun.

08:26 AM IST: ‘I should respect the sport.’

“I suppose it goes right down to understanding that there had been times once I haven’t got runs. Thus i have to respect the sport that I’m batting well. Once I am doing that I even have {to create|to form|to create} certain that I make it huge and place the team in driver’s seat or place it in such a foothold that they can not lose from there,” Agarwal aforesaid when the second Day’s play.

08:21 AM IST: Day a pair of recap

Mayank Agarwal affected his second double century in four take a look at as the Republic of India designed an enormous 343 first-innings lead over East Pakistan on day 2 of their gap Test.

The 28-year-old opener, UN agency has hit 3 tons together with two double lots of in his last 5 take a look at innings, hit eight sixes and twenty-eight fours in his 243.

Agarwal passed two hundred with a six off Mehidy Hasan and went on along with his huge hits till he was finally caught at deep mid-wicket by Abu Jayed off Mehidy. He left to a different recognition.

India were 493 for 6-at stumps in reply to Bangladesh’s a hundred and fifty all out on Th. Ravindra Jadeja, on 60, Umesh Yadav, on 25, were at the ridge promising new fireworks. Follow Live Cricket India vs Bangladesh


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