kachuluru boat extraction

kachuluru boat extraction operations at the Godavari at East Godavari district are underway.

The operation on the second day yesterday did not yield any good results.

There has been no progress in the kachuluru boat extraction process.

Members of the Dharmadi Satyam team are anchored in the river and continue searching for another boat in the area.

The efforts of the Dharmadi Satyam team on the second day to retrieve the sunken kachuluru boat thickness in the Godavari were in vain. Rocky boulders blocked the iron rope that was left in the river on Monday in a boat-sinking area with the help of JCB Tuesday. This changed the strategy. Attached a pawn to the AP tourism boat .. anchored at the end of the 800-meter long Iron Rope. It left in the area where it was supposed to be a sunken boat.

However, the Rope was pulled out. The second attempt also failed.
The Rope between the boat and the JCB broken. Anchored and locked the boat, linked to JCB outside Iron Rope with an anchor link. With the help of JCB tried to pull the boat. However, in the middle, the Rope fell apart. Operation Vasishta was temporarily interrupted by the collapse of Rope. Also, the favourable weather has become a hindrance to the operation. The boat that sank in the water 17 days ago has been mud and sand. The Rope has fallen off due to mudslides.

Dharmadi Satyam, who heads the extraction team, said they would continue their operation until the sunken boat lifted. As a part of his first strategy, Godavari has enclosed an iron rope of 2000 meters. It had broken into the rocky banks of the river.
Around a thousand meters of iron rope remained in the Godavari.

Around a thousand meters of iron rope remained in the Godavari.

Its worth is up to Rs 2 lakh. Boat extraction work is ongoing, he said.

The Dharmadi team estimates that the royal vestibule is about 200 feet deep. The fast flowing water hits the adjacent hill and turns back. Tornadoes form to do so. The royal vasista trapped in the water. However, it now estimated that hurricanes have also caused the boat to get stuck in the mud. The mud washed down with vortexes and seemed to have fallen on the boat. This means that the boat stuck in the mud. Boat weight appears to be around 40 tonnes. Moving it now is a difficult task. If you can get the boat out of the mud ..Understanding that pulling it ashore is no big problem.



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