Jharkhand elections

Jharkhand elections: His year Jharia, a community in Dhanbad Dhanbad Sadar development of Dhanbad district in Jharkhand, is going for a fierce electoral campaign. In 2014, the existing MLA, Sanjeev Singh, and his cousin, late Niraj Singh, fought the electoral battle.
Sanjeev had fought on a BJP ticket and won by a margin of 30,000. He defeated his cousin Niraj who had fought on a Congress party. Niraj was supposedly gunned down on the order of Sanjeev.

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The Jharia MLA, Sanjeev, is lodged in jail as he is an accused in Niraj’s murder case. Now, the wives of both cousins have entered the electoral field. The wife of Sanjeev, Ragini, has been fielded on a BJP ticket, while Niraj’s widow, Purnima, is contesting on a Congress ticket. The spectre of violence looms large as Niraj’s younger brother Harsh Singh said, “Jharia has treated as ancestral property. Anyone who comes in the way is eliminated by ‘a family’.” Harsh’s indication was towards Singh Mansion, and his cousin Sanjeev.

Jharkhand elections “Dhanbad saw how my elder brother Niraj killed in the ‘busiest steel gate’. The reason was – he was becoming a political threat for the MLA. We are going to fight out on the underlying issues; on lack of basic amenities like water, road, and undermine the fire raging since the last nine decades,” said the Congress candidate, Purnima, said. Purnima has urged voters to come houses day polling “choose the right representative”. A mafia-turned-politician, Surya Deo Singh, ruled the roost in Jharia till his death. He was an MLA from 1977 to 1991. He was the “guardian” of the Singh family.

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He kept his family intact until his last breath. There was no dispute, and the Singh family lived happily in the Singh Mansion. Surya had four brothers: Rajnarayan, Bachha, Vikrama, and Ramadhan. After Surya’s death, the offshoots of the Singh Mansion started getting in a struggle to inherit Surya’s legacy – his wealth, trade union, and the family got involved in the political kingdom war. In 2014, the family dispute escalated when the son of Rajnarayan Singh, Niraj, and the son of late Surya Singh, Sanjeev, threw their hats in the political fray.

According to sources, Niraj had lost the electoral battle but won the hearts of people as a deputy mayor – because of his “friendly nature” and ways of tackling public issues. Sanjeev was upset because of Niraj’s growing demand and allegedly killed Niraj in March 2017.

It believes that Ragini and Purnima will not keep any stone unturned in winning the election.
Sources said this had raised the possibility of violence.
It expects that gun culture might impede the electoral process.

The people of Jharia are afraid of a rough polling day but have vowed to vote on December 16, overcoming the fear that has been gripping Dhanbad for years. They will vote against the party that promotes “mafia culture”.


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