Internet Pats Florida Boy’s, For those of you experiencing from Monday morning blues, here’s a heartwarming video, which will help you up.

The charming story boy fish sure make a smiling face to improve your day.

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Internet Pats Florida Boy’s In the video, one can understand Kemari Cooper, a young boy from Florida, delivering a fish back in the water. The video was posted by Kemari’s father Velt Cooper, who next uploaded the clip on Youtube.

Kemari, who worked for fishing with his dad, was wearing a big smile as he fished the seven-pound bass with bare hands. The catch was his own best.

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Moments after asking the clip, Kemari said the fish, 

“I hope you go after and be better,” and “one day we’re going to meet again” as he places it back into the water and beats its back.

Since posting, the video was seen more than 34,000 times. Celebrities later shared the footage like Ava DuVernay and ‘The Hate U Give’ and ‘ON THE COME UP’ author Angie Thomas, told the Daily Mail

Angie used to the micro-blogging site and tweeted, ‘This is a book waiting to happen.’

Netizens were super excited by Kemari showing “outstanding character”. They went on to recommend Kemari’s father for “raising a fine young man.”

According to the Daily Mail report, a user came up a contrary thought and wrote, ‘I disagree that this video is heartwarming. This kid pulled a struggling fish beached by a hook through its lip, which is very painful for the fish, 

and then held it while it gasped for air for more than two minutes while his father filmed the scene.’


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