Virat Kohli clears stand on being rested

Virat Kohli on Monday announced that there was no communication both from the former physio and coach of the Indian team with regards to skipping the shorter formats during the upcoming West Indies tour. The skipper was tipped to be rested alongside Jasprit Bumrah, but the captain said that no one told him that his workload had exceeded the allocated limit.

“Our rest time is put on record. It’s all on the e-mail provided to the Board. So I don’t know what story they have created. In my mind, until the coach or the physio tells me to rest because of my progress in such and such with data secured from all games. I don’t know what information was sent out to the selectors because zero was communicated to me in terms of rest,” Kohli told media persons before the team’s departure for the tour of West Indies.

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It will be a new start after the failure of the World Cup, but Kohli told that the team is yet to sort out the middle-order problem and played that they force need a “crystal maze”.

“I don’t remember whether it will have to be told through a crystal maze,” he said with a laugh.

On a serious note, he knew that the Indian middle-order had been a victim of “unfair criticism” being judged based on 1or 2 plays.

“It’s very subjective and position-based. Sometimes you say you have the most dependable top order in the world, which you can agree with; it leads to middle-order making just 1or 2 possibilities then we judge it based on it. I don’t know how to strike a balance in it,” the captain said, sounding a bit incapable.

India’s top 3-performed more often than not during the World Cup, but the day when the middle-order faced a stern test, they capitulated.

“If I am a middle-order player and I rarely get an opportunity to bat, then when I am assumed to deliver in a crunch, I don’t think it’s fair to be found. If the top-order fails frequently, then you’ll say they need to be supplied time since they have been performing.

“When it appears with the middle-order, I don’t think it’s right to be so critical of them. We want to find people who can be consistent, who can do the job regularly for us and we have backed the players that we thought are good enough to do the job. And they have,” Kohli said.


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