India vs Bangladesh 1st Test Highlights

India vs Bangladesh 1st Test Highlights


Abu Jayed to Jadeja, FOUR, top-edge and India would take it. That was a short ball, Jadeja went for the pull and got a top-edge for the ball to race away into the fence. India have scored more than 400 runs today


Abu Jayed to Jadeja, 1 run, tucks the ball away between deep mid and long-on and gets a single. Jadeja wanted a second but Yadav turned him down. A direct hit from the deep would have had Jadeja well short of the crease. Back to some fun


Abu Jayed to Jadeja, FOUR, backs away, Jadeja cracks it between cover and mid-off for a four. The lead jumps to 336


Ebadat Hossain to Jadeja, 1 run, the swordsman in Jadeja comes out as he stacks up another fifty! His batting stocks have kept on increasing. That was a length ball and Jadeja stabbed it out into the off-side to get to his fifty. Might be the last over before stumps. The over-rate has been pedestrian


Ebadat Hossain to U Yadav, SIX, six more! As flat as a pool table and it cannons into the hoardings. 8 sixes off the last 17 balls in Test cricket for Yadav. That was short, down leg, Yadav picked it up and pulled it flat and fine for a sixer


Ebadat Hossain to U Yadav, SIX, fuller delivery and Yadav hammers it over long-on. Didn’t time it but it still was well connected. Rahim was at long-on and it went over him112

Abu Jayed to U Yadav, FOUR, in the arc and that almost threatened to go out of the park. Big swing of the bat but the inner half made connection and took the ball towards cow corner for a four. 12 off 5 for Yadav


Abu Jayed to U Yadav, SIX, whips it off the pads and Yadav’s fascination of hitting sixes continues. That was taken off the pads quite splendidly. Six more added to the tally


Ebadat Hossain to W Saha, out Bowled!! Ebadot does the salute celebration. One Mr. Sheldon Cottrell would have been happy seeing this. That was a length delivery and Saha ended up missing a straight ball. Played across the line and missed it to be clean bowled. Bangladesh have some reasons to smile about. W Saha b Ebadat Hossain 12(11) [4s-2]


Mehidy Hasan to W Saha, FOUR, crafty from Saha, gets back and opens the face of the bat to guide it past the man at slip for a four. Played it late and ended up using the pace of the bowler


Mehidy Hasan to W Saha, FOUR, that was fuller and Saha brings out his staple shot. The sweep. The ball raced away to deep square


Mehidy Hasan to Jadeja, SIX, comes down on it like a house on fire and swipes it across the line to send it over deep mid for a sixer. Big six! India continue to bat with intent


Mehidy Hasan to Agarwal, out Caught by Abu Jayed!! Time for Indore to get-up and appreciate a special innings from Mayank Agarwal! It has been a knock to savour! He goes down on his knees, mistimes the slog-sweep and found the man at deep mid-wicket where Abu Jayed takes a fine catch! Bangladesh players went up to him and congratulate. He gets a thundering round of applause from the Indian camp in the dressing room. And a tap on the back from Ravi Shastri. Agarwal c Abu Jayed b Mehidy Hasan 243(330) [4s-28 6s-8]


Mehidy Hasan to Agarwal, SIX, his name is Mayank Agarwal and he likes hitting sixes! He equals the record of the highest number of sixes by an Indian in a Test innings! He dashes forward again, not entirely to the pitch of it but still goes through with the shot. It had enough bat behind it to clear the long-off fence


Taijul Islam to Jadeja, FOUR, it was down the leg-side, Jadeja goes down on his knees and half-sweeps-half-pulls it fine of short fine for a boundary. This has become his go to shot in this innings!


Taijul Islam to Jadeja, FOUR, it was neither a pull nor a sweep, an in-between shot from Jadeja on that delivery which was down the leg-side, he connects it well enough, found the gap wide of short fine and collects a boundary


Mahmudullah to Agarwal, SIX, and the six-hitting continues for Agarwal! It was too full from Mahmudullah, Agarwal decides to stay in the crease, he crouched a little low to get elevation and deposited it over the long-off fence


Mahmudullah to Jadeja, FOUR, Mahmudullah provides a gift and Jadeja accepts it. It was down the leg-side, Jadeja, sweeps it very fine of fine leg and collects a boundary


Taijul Islam to Jadeja, SIX, as effortless as six-hitting can get! Stays put in the crease and smokes it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum. No one moved and Jadeja enjoyed it!


Mahmudullah to Agarwal, FOUR, too full and too wide, Agarwal didn’t even time this one properly but when are you batting at 226 everything seems to go your way. It went wide of cover and beats the man at deep cover for a boundary


Mahmudullah to Agarwal, FOUR, too full and too wide, Agarwal uses his wrists to good effect and drives it wide of cover for a boundary.


Taijul Islam to Agarwal, SIX, yes, thought so. Agarwal had enough of tuk-tuk, he dashes forward like Sidhu used to do, gets to the pitch of it and slams it straight down the ground for a maximum. Mayank has brought up his highest score in Tests with that six!


Ebadat Hossain to Agarwal, FOUR, that’s been pulled off the front foot. Rohit-Sharma like! It was short and was on the body, Agarwal takes a semi-stride forward, gets on top of the ball and pulls it away


Mehidy Hasan to Agarwal, SIXSehwag-esque way to reach his second double hundred. The arms go up in the air and Virat is all smiles in the dressing room. Mayank gestures to his skipper pointing his two fingers. Guess, Virat egged him to convert his 150 into a double century. Now he wants Mayank to score a triple, yikes. Coming to the ball, it was a floaty off-break, Agarwal skips down the track and dumps it over long-on


Ebadat Hossain to Agarwal, FOUR, is welcomed to the attack with a rasping cut from Agarwal. Offers an iota of width and that’s enough for Agarwal to exploit. Gets deep and times it behind square on the off-side


Mehidy Hasan to Agarwal, FOUR, hideous stuff from Mehidy. Pulls his length back and pitches it short on leg. Agarwal gets on top of it and hacks it over square leg


Mehidy Hasan to Agarwal, SIX, this is becoming a routine. Agarwal has been very aggressive against Mehidy and shows no respect here again. Marches out of his crease, keeps his balance after reaching the pitch of the ball and butchers it straight down the ground near the sightscreen


Ebadat Hossain to Agarwal, FOURshort, wide and four, cracking shot from Mayank, got right on top of the bounce and clattered it in front of square on the off-side. Moves onto 170 now, Mayank


Ebadat Hossain to Jadeja, FOURedged and four, but Jadeja was playing with soft hands, on a good length and in that channel outside off, drew Jadeja into playing at it – he did so with an open face and ran it through the gap between second slip and gully


Ebadat Hossain to Agarwal, FOURbeautifully played, a spanking cover-drive from Mayank, too full and well wide of off, Mayank leans across, plays with an open face, drives it on the up and crashes it square past cover-point


Abu Jayed to Rahane, out Caught by Taijul Islam!! Rahane finds a way to get himself dismissed and Abu Jayed has his fourth wicket – also his career-best figures in Tests. Rahane will be kicking himself at missing out on a hundred, this was short and this was wide of off, Rahane saw the width and went hard on the cut. He didn’t bother to keep it down and holed out to Taijul at deep point. A reverse cupped catch and the 190-run fourth-wicket stand has been broken. Rahane c Taijul Islam b Abu Jayed 86(172) [4s-9]


Abu Jayed to Rahane, FOUR, too straight from Abu Jayed, drifts onto Rahane’s pads and he gleefully flicks it down towards long leg – Ebadat put in a valiant effort, but he can’t save the boundary


Abu Jayed to Rahane, FOUR, this delivery skids off the deck and Rahane enjoyed that. He stands tall on that outside off delivery, opens the face of the bat and carves it wide of backward point for a boundary


Taijul Islam to Agarwal, FOUR, pulled and pulled well, reaches his 150 too! Mayank Agarwal show continues here at the Holkar! And we are been treated to some high-quality batting. His skipper in the dressing room, signals him to get a double ton!


Taijul Islam to Rahane, FOUR, there is something about a straight drive. It always look classy! It was very full and was around off, Rahane drives it against the spin. Times it brilliantly and it races to the fence


Mehidy Hasan to Agarwal, SIX, that has gone out of the park! Fantastic use of the feet to reach the pitch of it, gets in a brilliant position and smokes it over long-on. High and handsome!


Taijul Islam to Agarwal, SIX, with these kind of shots, Mayank is making a case for himself in the shorter formats too. He dashes down, reaches the pitch of it and just lifts it over cover. It’s one of the hardest shots in our game but he made it look so easy. It sailed over the ropes for a maximum!


Mehidy Hasan to Agarwal, FOUR, he stays in the crease this time, it wasn’t that short but since he was so back in the crease, he transformed the length into short and pullled it disdainfully wide of deep mid-wicket for a boundary. Jayed tried to stop it with his feet but he failed. And Mayank marches on!


Taijul Islam to Agarwal, FOUR, and now some intent from Agarwal. Puts on his dancing shoes, converts it into a full-toss and blasts it away over mid-on for a boundary


Mehidy Hasan to Agarwal, FOUR, goes down on his knees and slog sweeps it over deep square leg for a boundary. Brilliant hand speed!


Taijul Islam to Agarwal, FOUR, clubbed over mid-wicket. For a change, trims his length and bowls it short. Agarwal shows his might with the pull and collects a boundary


Abu Jayed to Rahane, 1 run, 21st fifty in Test matches for Rahane. Walked in at a precarious position and scores a breezy half-century. Raise of the bat and Mayank walks up to congratulate. Fuller, too straight from Jayed. Whipped to deep mid-wicket and gets to the landmark


Mehidy Hasan to Agarwal, FOUR, he’s been so good at executing these late cuts. Mehidy overshoots the quicker delivery, providing hint of width just outside off. Agarwal pounces onto it by hanging back and chops it past backward point


Ebadat Hossain to Agarwal, 2 runs, hundred for Agarwal. It’s his third Test ton and continues his purple patch. 50 years ago, the legend GR Vishwanath, who made his Test debut on this day scored a century on debut and Agarwal, who comes from the same state – Karnataka – scores a hundred here. What a moment. Looks up at the skies and cherishes it. On a back of a length down leg, tucked to square leg region and comes back for the second in a jiffy. The crowd is ecstatic, so are Mayank’s mates in the dressing room


Ebadat Hossain to Agarwal, FOUR, oh, gorgeous from Agarwal. He has this habit of playing shots that are pleasing to the eyes. This was pitched up just outside off, Agarwal stomps forward and just checks the push with minimal effort past the bowler. The timing was fab and it takes care of the rest


Mehidy Hasan to Rahane, FOUR, 5 good balls and Mehidy ends up bowling a loose final ball. Drags it short outside off, Rahane stands up to cream it through extra cover


India vs Bangladesh 1st Test Highlights, Mehidy Hasan to Agarwal, FOUR, short and bullied. Gets onto the back foot ever so quickly, allows for it to turn into him and plays the short-arm pull in style, threading it past square leg. Inches closer to the three-figure-mark, just 5 away


Mehidy Hasan to Rahane, FOURbeautifully played – a bad misfield as well and what should have been a dot is turned into a boundary – floaty half-volley outside off, Rahane gets close to the ball and creams the drive to cover – the fielder might have had a bad bounce, but he let it slip right through him


Mehidy Hasan to Agarwal, no run, loud shout for LBW and Mayank has been given OUT LBW. he has a chat with his partner and wants a review. Was this sliding down leg? It’s a fair delivery and looks like there’s no bat on that, Mayank was struck pretty high on the pad, but he was in a squatting position. UltraEdge in and it confirms that there’s no bat. Ball-tracking in, it’s missing and Marais Erusmus will have to change his original decision. NOT OUT is the call. An agonising wait for Mayank who looked pretty shocked when he was given, the quicker off-break from Mehidy, Mayank was looking to sweep and was done in the pace of the delivery, the impact was in front of leg and would have been sailing down, would have been bouncing over the stumps as well – even if it wasn’t going down. A rare bad call from Erasmus

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Mehidy Hasan to Agarwal, SIXbeautifully played, sheer elegance from Mayank, comes down the track, makes room and then lifts it back ov er the bowler’s head, went sailing a long way over the ropes and into the sightscreen


Mehidy Hasan to Agarwal, FOURcheeky, Mehidy drifts this one down leg, Mayank bends down half-way, gets on top of the bounce and then flaps it fine, past the keeper and runs away to the ropes


Mehidy Hasan to Agarwal, FOURlovely, just a little shimmy down the track, he didn’t get too close to the ball and that allowed him to free his arm, lifts it over mid-off and almost went all the way, bounced in front of the ropes – that alos gets India into the lead


Taijul Islam to Rahane, FOUR, gift to start off and Rahane accepts it with open arms. Taijul Islam fails to land it and Rahane just creamed the full toss between cover and mid-off for a four


Ebadat Hossain to Agarwal, FOUR, drops it short does Ebadat Hossain and Agarwal was quick to rock back and pull it. The man at mid-wicket dived but failed to stop it. Agarwal was quick to latch on to that loose delivery


India vs Bangladesh 1st Test Highlights Abu Jayed to Rahane, FOUR, drops the ball short does Abu Jayed and has been put away by Rahane. Picked the length up quickly, transferred his weight on to the back foot and slammed it past the man at cover for a cover


Abu Jayed to Rahane, FOUR, squared the batter up, Rahane dangled his bat outside off and poked at it to send it between the slips and gully for a four. Controlled it really well and again employed the soft hands to get four more


Abu Jayed to Rahane, FOUR, another edge but was played with soft hands and went between the cordon and the gully region for a four. Was a genuine edge but carved his own luck thanks to the loose hands


Abu Jayed to Kohli, out Lbw!! Length delivery nipped in and Kohli ended up playing across the line a bit. Abu Jayed appealed and convinced his skipper to take the review. And the replays certainly painted a more concerned picture for Kohli as it looked close. HawkEye cleared the picture and showed us three reds. The skipper is gone for a rare duck as Bangladesh fight back. That was a lovely delivery though. Unassuming one which caught the Indian skipper by surprise. The footwork also wasn’t up to the mark and that plotted his downfall. Kohli lbw b Abu Jayed 0(2)


India vs Bangladesh 1st Test Highlights Abu Jayed to Agarwal, FOUR, diligent use of the dab! That was shortish outside off, Agarwal played it late and guided it past the man at gully. Just used the pace of the bowler to send it away


Ebadat Hossain to Agarwal, FOUR, stands up tall and pulls it over mid-wicket for a four! 4th Test fifty for Agarwal. That was crisp from the Karnataka lad. Whisked back, got on top of the bounce and pulled it convincingly for a four


India vs Bangladesh 1st Test Highlights Ebadat Hossain to Agarwal, FOUR, nudges it fine and the man at long leg fails to slide and tackle it. Infact slides past it for the ball to bobble away into the fence. That was on the pads, Agarwal just tickled it away


Abu Jayed to Pujara, out Caught by (sub)Saif Hassan!! The fuller ball brings about the wicket. That was outside off, pitched up and Pujara fell for the trap. Got a thickish outside edge and the ball flew off the bat to be taken at gully. The substitute fielder took a sharp catch to remove India’s number 3. The same aggressive mindset which got him a quick fifty has also plotted his downfall. Little nibble and that ensured the contact made was off the outer-half and not the middle of the bat. Bangladesh didn’t have a strong cordon behind the sticks but it went to the gully fielder. Pujara c (sub)Saif Hassan b Abu Jayed 54(72) [4s-9]


Abu Jayed to Agarwal, FOUR, pitched up delivery and Agarwal creams it past the man at cover for a four. The cover drive executed to perfection. Kept it down and placed it really well


India vs Bangladesh 1st Test Highlights Abu Jayed to Pujara, FOUR, short again, cut again. More authority and a safer shot as well. Four more takes Pujara’s tally beyond fifty. Fifty off only 68 balls. Pujara has been on fire in this innings. Every bad ball, some good ones as well, have been taken care of. The raising of the bat also looked more of a statement for his detractors


India vs Bangladesh 1st Test Highlights Abu Jayed to Pujara, FOUR, when you slash, slash hard! Pujara obliged a short ball and slashed at it with all his might for the man at gully to get only a finger-tip to it. Mehidy at gully really didn’t have any time to react as Pujara went after that. He was flinging his hand in pain but seems to be okay


Abu Jayed to Agarwal, FOUR, rubs salt into Bangladesh’s wounds. Tasty half volley outside off, Agarwal charges forward and slaps it firmly off the middle through extra cover


Abu Jayed to Agarwal, no run, dropped. Well, drop catches are epidemic. If India’s catching at slips today were horrendus, here’s an instance of Bangladesh dropping one. Imrul Kayes shells a sitter at first slip. Pitched fuller and gets it to straighten just a little after pitching. Agarwal pushes with hard hands and the outside edge is produced. Flew at a decent height to first slip where it goes straight in and out of Kayes’ hands


Ebadat Hossain to Agarwal, FOUR, Diwali might be over but that was a firecracker of a shot. Pitched up and Agarwal slammed the drive past the man at cover for a four. Was pitched up and Agarwal took full toll of it


Taijul Islam to Agarwal, FOUR, and the late cut brings about another boundary. Goes back and dabs it down past the man at first slip for a four to deep third


Taijul Islam to Agarwal, FOUR, gets down on one knee and then dabs it out for a four as the man at short third failed to mop it up. Just used the pace of the bowler and played it very late


Ebadat Hossain to Pujara, FOUR, that is something that he can play blindfolded as well. That was full and on the pads, Pujara pierced the gap between mid-on and mid-wicket with a clip off the pads


Ebadat Hossain to Pujara, FOUR, clipped drive and four! Another misfield from a Bangladeshi fielder and that allows the ball to race away to the long-on fence. The man at mid-on put in a dive to his left but failed to stop it clean


Taijul Islam to Pujara, FOUR, and now takes care of the short ball outside off. That was dropped short, Pujara sat back and steered it past the dive of the man at short third for a four. He is putting the bowler to the sword in his own style


Taijul Islam to Pujara, FOUR, this guy is just amazing against the spinners! Another jump down the track, took it on the half-volley and then the clip past the man at mid-on for a four


Taijul Islam to Pujara, FOUR, a tango down the track and then the clip off the pads to send it to deep mid for a four. Pujara’s intent in this innings has been really good


Abu Jayed to Pujara, FOUR, short, wide, cut away and the man at point fumbles to allow the ball to go away into the fence10.3

Taijul Islam to Pujara, FOURcracking shot, Pujara comes down the track, doesn’t get too close to the ball and that allows him to free his arms – driven past the diving cover fielder and rolls away to the ropes


Ebadat Hossain to Agarwal, FOURlovely, overpitched and wide of off, Mayank leans forward, gets close to the ball and then finds the gap wide of cover with the drive, no need to run for those


Abu Jayed to Rohit, out Caught by Liton Das!! Edged and caught! Bangladesh needed a lift and Abu Jayed has given them just that. This was pushed up and in that channel around off, no feet movement as Rohit went for a lazy drive, didn’t get anywhere near the pitch of the ball and all he managed was a thin feather, Liton does the rest much to the jubilation of his mates. Pin drop silence at the Holkar stadium as the in-form batsman departs. Rohit c Liton Das b Abu Jayed 6(14) [4s-1]


Abu Jayed to Rohit, FOURstreaky, this was full and this was wide of off, Rohit saw the width and went hard on the drive, gets a thick edge and the ball flew over the slip cordon


Ebadat Hossain to Agarwal, FOUReven swiss watchmaker would have been proud of that timing! Ebadat Hossain dishes out a half-volley, Agarwal leans into it, opens the face of the bat and powers it wide of cover for a boundary


U Yadav to Ebadat Hossain, out Bowled!! Knocks him over! Umesh ends the Bangladesh innings in a grand fashion. It was a full ball curving away from Ebadat Hossain, he stayed leg-side of the ball and never got behind it. He ended up defending in a tentative manner. It rips past his defence and cannons into his off-stump! Ebadat Hossain b U Yadav 2(5)


U Yadav to Taijul Islam, out Taijul Islam Run Out!! 1 run completed. Well, you can’t take Jadeja on in the field in two balls in a row. Either Taijul Islam is unaware of Jadeja’s prowess or he isn’t that smart. He tucks it wide of fine leg and thought about stealing a second run against Jadeja’s arm. Jadeja absolutely rockets in the throw at the striker’s end and Taijul Islam was well short of the crease. He dived desperately in the end but even that was not good enough. Taijul Islam run out (Jadeja/W Saha) 1(7)

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U Yadav to Abu Jayed, 5 runs, when there is a mix-up, Jadeja is the last fielder, batsmen would want the ball to go. This push went to Jadeja at backward point, yes and a no followed they eventually went for the run. Jadeja for a change, missed the direct hit at the striker’s end, Vihari couldn’t back it up and the ball rolled to the boundary, five handy runs for Bangladesh


Ishant to Liton Das, out Caught by Kohli!! It’s a team hat-trick for India and Bangladesh dressing room looks shell-shocked. Ishant got it to deviate off the deck just a wee bit and that was good enough for Liton Das. He poked at it slightly away off the body, it kissed the outside edge and Kohli did really well to snaffle it at first slip. It came very low and he stayed low and dived forward to grab it. Liton Das c Kohli b Ishant 21(31) [4s-4]


Shami to Mehidy Hasan, out Lbw!! And when Shami bowls like this, he is too hot to handle. Again little wide of the crease, angles it in fuller and Mehidy Hasan had no chance to get bat on it. The ball thudded into the pads and the batter was declared LBW. He thought of a review but Liton Das turned his back immediately letting his partner know that he was dead meat. Oh, what a surprise. Ball-tracking now shows that the ball is missing the leg-stump. Mehidy Hasan lbw b Shami 0(1)


Shami to Rahim, out Bowled!! Wow! That is a corker! Any top batter would have struggled against that. Went wide of the crease again, angled it in and Rahim thought of leaving it and when he tried to wood it, was too late. The ball crashes into the sticks at 134.9kph. He set him up really well. Reverse swing and conventional swing were mixed and mashed properly. Rahim b Shami 43(105) [4s-4 6s-1]


Shami to Liton Das, FOUR, presents the full face of the bat on a delivery which tailed back in. But the timing was crisp and the ball beat the man at mid-off quite easily to race away to long-off for a four


Jadeja to Liton Das, FOUR, low full toss and creamed between cover and mid-off. That silken touch again came into play and the ball screamed away


India vs Bangladesh 1st Test HighlightsJadeja to Liton Das, FOUR, and another chance? May be a half one. Or fraction wise, less than half I guess. The ball turned away, Liton Das was squared up and the outer edge clipped the pads and escaped away between the keeper and first slip for a four. Rahane simply didn’t have enough time to react to his left


Ashwin to Liton Das, FOUR, that flew off the bat like butter on a hot pan! Just silked a flighted delivery between cover and mid-off for a four


Ashwin to Mahmudullah, out Bowled!! His problems have been put to rest now. Mahmudullah departs. Ashwin again, doesn’t get the fielders into equation and clean bowls the batter. Mahmudullah, who had been dancing around like a cat on a hot tin roof goes for an ambitious preempted sweep and ends up missing it. The ball ends up hitting the off-pole. Treacherous shot selection. Mahmudullah b Ashwin 10(30) [4s-1]


Ashwin to Mahmudullah, no run, Rahane is having a shocker! He has dropped one again. This time to his left as he tried to juggle it once but failed to latch on to it. Might have been distracted as it hit the thigh of the keeper before going to him. Rahane got both hands to it but ended up dropping it. Ashwin robbed off of another wicket


U Yadav to Mahmudullah, FOUR, well controlled pull! That was short, quick as well but Mahmudullah got into position and rolled his wrists over the ball to play it behind square. Managed to evade the man at fine leg quite easily


Ashwin to Rahim, no run, woah. What a delivery from Ashwin. This was pitched just outside off and it spun back big onto Rahim, who was getting back and in the process, gets a bit of glove which Saha couldn’t gobble it up. Half and hard chance. It then deflects onto his thigh and lobs up in the air for a fleeting period. Rahane dives forward but it drops short of him


Ashwin to Mominul, out Bowled!! Ashwin takes the matter in his own hands and does the job all by himself. Doesn’t want to rely on the fielders anymore. Deservedly he is rewarded. Proper misjudgement from the Bangaldesh captain, shoulders arms to an incomer. This goes straight on and clips the off-stump. Remember him getting out in this fashion on more than one occasion. Ashwin’s delighted to the core and the spirited partnership comes to an end for the visitors. Mominul b Ashwin 37(80) [4s-6]


Ashwin to Rahim, FOUR, Rahim is getting into the groove. Unleashes his natural instincts, shows some creativity by getting low and paddles it very fine. The fielder in the deep is very square and Rahim ticks off fourth boundary


Ishant to Mominul, FOUR, these are the sort of freebies you’d expect as a batter. On the pads to a subcontinent batsman and they’ll keep putting it away even in their sleep. Mominul got across very quickly and whipped it behind square. The timing was brilliant and fine leg gives up the chase mid-way


Ashwin to Rahim, FOUR, bashes this through point. Ashwin corrects his length and pushes it through quicker outside off, Rahim anticipated and went deep it flay the cut in the gap


Ashwin to Rahim, SIX, confidence enchancer. First sign of real aggression from Rahim. Shimmes out upon seeing the flight from Ashwin, meets the pitch and extension of his arms to just lift it over the bowler’s head. All the way!


Shami to Mominul, FOUR, help-yourself-with-a-boundary delivery. Too full and straight, Mominul gets across and effortlessly flicks it past square leg


Ashwin to Rahim, no run, oh, put down again. Can you believe it? Rahane, Virat and now Rahane again. Butter fingers, phew. Superb delivery from Ashwin. Gets extra bounce as this one goes straight on after pitching. Rahim with an aimless flirt, thinking it might turn and feathers the outside edge. Flew to Rahane at first slip and perhaps, the Indian vice captain wasn’t expecting it and didn’t react at all. Gets both hands and it pops out into the floor. Rahim is extremenly fortunate to be still out there.


U Yadav to Rahim, FOURnicely played, was in full control over the backfoot punch, back of a length and well wide of off, Rahim stood tall and caressed it behind square on the off-side for a boundary


Ishant to Rahim, FOURstreaky, more luck for Rahim, lovely line and length from Ishant, the in-swinger and Rahim didn’t spot it – Rahim was pushing forward, was playing for the one that nipped away – caught a massive inside edge and flew over the top of off-stump – no chance for Saha as well


U Yadav to Mominul, FOURedged and four, this was full and this was wide of off, Mominul’s eyes lit up as he saw the width, went with hard hands on the drive, the edge flew over the slip cordon, couple of bounces and over the ropes


U Yadav to Rahim, no run, edged and dropped, it’s Virat Kohli once again, he has the propensity of dropping catches in the cordon. This came at a nice height and should have been taken. On a good length and in that channel around off, has Rahim pushing away from his body, the ball caught the shoulder of the bat and went to the right of third slip – Kohli was a tad late in getting across, didn’t get his hands into position and lets the ball burst through


U Yadav to Mominul, FOURanother edge and another four, this will be frustrating for Umesh, on a good length and in that channel outside off, had Mominul playing with soft hands once again, found the edge and the ball went square behind point


U Yadav to Mominul, FOURedged and four – Mominul was playing with soft hands though, fuller length delivery and going with the angle, Mominul played with an angled face, soft hands and the ball rolls in the gap between third slip and gully


Ashwin to Mominul, FOUR, poor ball from Ashwin, drifted this one quicker and down leg, Mominul got inside the line and then tickled it fine – the outfield is super quick and the ball runs away to the long leg boundary – first boundary for Mominul


India vs Bangladesh 1st Test Highlights : Shami to Mithun, out Lbw!! Mithun has been given OUT LBW. He has a chat with his captain and walks away. India have their third wicket, turning out to be a fine morning in Indore. This was full and came back with the angle, skidded through and then shaped back into the right-hander, Mithun was clearly late to counter it. Struck bang in front of middle and leg as he fell across on the tuck, easy call for umpire Tucker and Mominul sends his partner on the way. Looked plumb on first view and don’t think a review would have saved him either. Hawk Eye in and the ball was crashing into the middle-stump. Mithun lbw b Shami 13(36) [4s-1]


Shami to Mithun, FOURedged and four, Mithun was in some control over the shot though, on a good length and in that channel outside off, Mithun was pushing forward with soft hands, the edge rolled down quickly and in the gap between second and third slip


U Yadav to Mithun, 1 run, loud shout for LBW, Umesh nods his head and Kohli asks for a review. Fair delivery, is it pad first? It looks close, the bat is very close to the pad. There’s a spike on the UltraEdge when the ball clipped the front-pad. The third umpire is Nitin Menon and he’s taking a lot of time on this. He decides it’s pad first. Ball-tracking in, it’s umpire’s call on impact and the decision will stay. Was going on and smashing into the off-stump, but that doesn’t change the decision. Nicely bowled by Umesh, the nip-backer and Mithun was late in getting his bat down, tried to squeeze it behind square and gets lucky that he managed to get marginally outside the line of off-stump


Ishant to Shadman Islam, out Caught by W Saha!! If Yadav can get a wicket, so can Ishant. It’s the length of Ishant that has resulted in the dismissal. Too full, Shadman Islam saw it as a scoring opportunity. He was looking to drive it away from the body. He was stuck in the crease while doing so, it snakes away just enough to clip the outside edge and Saha makes no mistake. Saha took it with fingers pointing up, that’s rare in India. Shadman Islam c W Saha b Ishant 6(24) [4s-1]


U Yadav to Kayes, out Caught by Rahane!! This had to happen! After beating the outside edge for the umpteenth time, Yadav has finally found it. It was on a length and it shapes away from Kayes just about enough to find the outside edge. He was squared up a touch, it hit very high on the bat and Rahane snaffles it at gully! Boy, didn’t Yadav deserve this! Kayes c Rahane b U Yadav 6(18) [4s-1]


U Yadav to Kayes, FOUR, too full and punished! This would frustrate Yadav! Kayes gets his bat down just in time, opens the face of the bat and steers it past backward point for a boundary


Ishant to Shadman Islam, FOUR, too full from Ishant and Shadman Islam was properly enticed, he went after it via a drive. It moves away in the air, clips the outside edge and goes past gully for a boundary. Streaky but Shadman Islam would take it!


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