India 73rd Independenceday

As India marks its India celebrates 73rd Independenceday will be held over the country with flag-unfurling celebrations, ceremonies and cultural programmes. Independence Day is celebrated as a national holiday across India, with offices, banks and post offices remaining closed on the occasion.

The President of India addresses the “Address to the Nation” on the eve of the promising occasion.

The most important India celebrates 73rd Independenceday function takes place in New Delhi, where the Prime Minister unfolds the tricolour on the support of the historic Red Fort. Before that, the Prime Minister examines the guard of attention during the Independence Day function at the Red Fort.

The National Anthem is sung, and 21 honorary gunshots fired. Besides speaking on the government’s actions, the Prime Minister also speaks on crucial issues and challenges facing the country. The speech is supported by march past of countries of the Indian armed and paramilitary forces.

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Parades and celebrations are held to pay tributes to India’s Independence Movement and showcase India’s difference and culture in the presence of ministers, top politicians, officials and people from various walks of life.

Gallantry awards are also stated on occasion.

The day is also marked by President of India leading the nation in paying respects at the Amar Jawan Jyoti.

Similar events like a place in state capitals where Chief Ministers unfurl the national flag, take the guard of honour and oversee parades and pageants.

Flag hoisting ceremonies and cultural programmes also take place in governmental and non-governmental establishments throughout the country.

Significant government buildings and monuments of national importance are decked up for the occasion.


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