In Haryana 6877 extra votes

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has won 40-seats in Haryana assembly elections. This is six little of a clear majority in an assembly of 90 members. An analysis reveals that just In Haryana 6877 extra votes new tallies could have given the BJP a clear majority in the state assembly. Here’s why.

In a first-past-the-post way, a party has to finish first to win a seat. Let us hope that the candidates A and B, which ended early and second, have 100 and 90 votes in a voter. If six of the ten voters who decided candidate A were to shift their election to the candidate B, candidate B would win by one vote, getting 96 against 94 votes polled by candidate A.

The BJP lost six seats  Rewari, Mulana, Radaur, Nilokheri, Rohtak and Faridabad with a voting edge of less than 2.4% votes of the total votes polled in these clients. The Congress won 5 of these seats while an independent candidate bagged one seat. The overall victory edge in these 6-seats is 13,745 votes. The BJP wanted just over half of them, precisely In Haryana 6877 extra votes, to stage a general upset. To be sure, the number of additional ballots required would have been much higher had they get from other candidates first than the winners in those seats. The Congress, on the other hand, was 15-seats short of a cleared majority. It would have needed at least 41,098 votes to turn in its favour in the 15-seats it lost with the lowest boundary for it to win a clear majority. The BJP emerged as the winner in 13 of these seats.

However, the Congress could have got more seats than the BJP had it won just 4,260 more votes in 5 of these 15 seats -Thanesar, Ratia, Kaithal, Badkhal and Rai which it failed to the BJP with the lowest margin.



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