Zomato to get free ride

Zomato to get free ride: Indians are often regarded as the leaders of jugaad. A man who Zomato to get free ride showcased that skill well. United on the road around night with no autos penetration and cab fares too high, the man thought of a jugaad. He chose to buy food from Zomato. If you believe it was to sit by the way and eat while waiting for someone to give him a lift, you’re wrong. He had a plan in mind.

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In a post shared on FB, Obesh Komirisetty explained his idea. And, chances are it will leave you impressed.

Take a look at what he shared:

In a set of tweets, he also shared the same thing on Twitter.

Shared on August 7, the job only newly made people’s attention after a Twitter name tweeted about it. Tweeple have since been reflecting on the post. While many appreciated the man for his smart thinking, several others were amused by the entire incident.

Zomato responded to both the posts in an equally hilarious way. They share a gif as a Facebook reply, and this is what they tweeted:

“This shows we Indians are truly jugaadus,” wrote Twitter user. “Award-worthy,” commented another.


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