hungry snake took half its body.

A stomach-churning video shows the strange moment a hungry snake took half its body. What’s more dangerous is that the video of the new incident goes on to explain the snake repeating itself as well. The video, both hard and yet interesting, has received quite a few reactions.

The disturbing moment was recorded in Pennsylvania and distributed on the Abandoned Friend Reptile Sanctuary FB page. Jesse Rothacker, apart from the team, posted the conflict life, convincing not only the snake eating itself but later vomiting itself after being prodded.

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In the clip, Rothacker reveals that kingsnakes eat other snakes and are often seen biting themselves.

“They will sometimes see their tail, they’ll think it’s a snake, they’ll take a bite out of it, and they’ll realise they’ve bitten themselves. They don’t normally take themselves. But today, we’re continuing to see a kingsnake that, I don’t know, strength not have done very well on the SATs,” Rothacker states in the video.

He then adjusts the camera on the snake which can be seen taking its tail. Rothacker says that they had been serving the snake, but it probably was still hungry and ended up eating itself.

Rothacker then hits the snake so that it gives its tails. “Sometimes if we can tap their nose a small they’re not going to like that… that’ll make them excited. And normally, if you make a snake excited while they’re having, they will let work of whatever it is they’re trying,” he adds.

He works on hitting the snake, but instead of clearing itself, the reptile begins to eat, even more, pushing Rothacker to use his nails to release the snake’s hold on itself.

Watch how Rothacker promotes the snake in the video

Video Link: hungry snake took half its body that’s not the worst part


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