Halloween 2019

Halloween 2019: It’s that time of the time when you soak in the most mysterious spirits. As Halloween is fast progressing, people are making their pumpkins carved & costumes ready. A festival generally celebrated in the Western world, Halloween has now expanded its control over India as well. However, while we know to provide our scariest for a Halloween party, how well do we know the significance behind celebrating the fest?

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If you have no answers to this yearly ritual, we are here to have your back. The origins of Halloween are ancient and dark, dates back centuries of years. Traditionally known as All Hallows’ Night, Halloween 2019 falls on Thursday, Oct 31.

Halloween celebrates on the eve of the Christian festival of All Saints’ Day on Nov 1. It also marks the start of the 3-day notice of Allhallowtide, which concludes with All Souls’ Day on Nov 2.

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What is Halloween, and what does it import?

Halloween is European in its infancy and dates back to the antique Gaelic celebration of Samhain. Translating to ‘Summer’s end’, the day was taken to accept the end of the summer season. The word Halloween is a Scottish word for All Hallows Eve, which means the evening ere All Saints’ Day.

Historically, Gaels managed to believe that there exists a thin wall between the spiritual realm and our world. To protect their crops, they would set up places at their dinner tables for good spirits to ward off evil spirits. However, the Trick-or-treat and dressing up tradition came from 16th century Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

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