Grizzly bears fight

A video of an ‘especially rare and amazing moment’ starring not one, Grizzly bears fight but two grizzly bears have been shared on Facebook. The video shows the two bears battling it out while a wolf saw their fight from a range. A woman took the time, and her video has since gone viral with over 1.6 million views and counting.

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Facebook user Cari McGillivray was on the road in British Columbia when she saw the strange sight and took it for children.

“Don’t usually post on here but assumed I’d share this amazingly rare and amazing time with all you guys of these grizzlies fighting,” she wrote on Facebook. “Keep a alert eye out for the little wolf that is observing them in the distance,” she added.

The video, a little over a second long, Grizzly bears fight shows the bears growling at each other before going on twos and jumping on one another. Moments later, they develop into a full-blown fight. And sure enough, you can see the wolf following them from afar.

Along with all the views, the video has also received over 43,000 shares and more than 15,000 responses and yet counting. Various people have posted comments about the video.

“So cool you got to see this! Thanks for sharing,” says a Facebook user. “Interesting to watch the debate! Have made to finish it! See it my way!” says another. “Can’t tell you exactly how much I love this! Even though I was concerned about the bears. Wolf be like ‘holy s**t dudes CALM DOWN’,” says a third.


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