Great if Prime Minister Narendra Modi

US President Donald Trump spoke on Tuesday that it would be great if Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Pakistani equivalent Imran Khan.

can “work out something” on Kashmir, distancing-himself from any agreement between the two nuclear-armed neighbours.

Trump made the comments as he met Prime Minister Modi on the interests of the United Nations General Assembly gathering here.

their fourth conference since Modi came to the government for a second term in May this year.

“I believe that Prime Minister Modi and Prime Minister Khan will become along when they go to know each other. I think a lot of big things will come from that connection. Great if Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

it will be excellent if they can work out something on Kashmir,” Trump told in reply to a volley of questions.

His remarks began a day after he met Khan on Monday and once again tried to negotiate between Pakistan and India on the Kashmir issue if both parties agree.

India keeps the issue is a bilateral one, and no third party has any role in it.

Tensions between the neighbours pinned after India abrogated terms of Article 370 of the Constitution to remove the first status of Jammu and Kashmir. The work evoked sharp reactions from Pakistan, which lowered diplomatic ties with New Delhi and expelled the Indian Ambassador.

Pakistan has been working to internationalise the issue,

But India has said that the abrogation of Article 370 was its “internal matter”. New Delhi has also urged Islamabad to take being and stop its anti-India rhetoric.

When questioned about terrorism originating from the Pakistani earth and the Pakistan Army’s connections to militant groups, Trump said, “Prime Minister Modi will get care of it.”

“You have a great PM, he will do all the problems,” Trump replied, responding to another question.

Trump said his country would soon have a trade deal with India to boost business ties between the two nations.

The mutual came two days after Trump and Modi met in Houston and yielded the stage at ‘Howdy, Modi.’

a gala event where they performed a close friendship and a shared image on fighting terrorism.

Prime Minister Modi hailed Trump as “a good friend of India” and showed his satisfaction over Trump meeting him at the ‘Howdy, Modi’ rally.

“I am grateful to Trump that he proceeded to Houston. He is my friend, but he is also a great supporter of India,” Modi said.

“They love this gentleman to my right. People left crazy. He is like an American variant of Elvis,” Trump replied, pointing to the ‘Howdy, Modi’ event.

Modi presented a mounted photograph from the ‘Howdy, Modi’ event to President Trump, who praised him for the gesture.


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