Telugu Grandma World Records .. Birth of twins at age 74

Grandma World Record-Mangayamma was born in a private hospital in Guntur. Doctors declared the two little girls were healthy. Mangayamma set a world record by giving birth to two girls of this age.

The couple was married in 1962 to Erramatti Raja Rao and Mangayamma from Nalapartipadu in East Godavari district. God has not planted children to be born since then. There are no hospital stairs. There was no profit. The coastal age has also increased. However, Mangayamma has a strong desire to be a child.

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The couple decided to look after children through artificial means. He immediately contacted the doctor at the Ahalya Nursing Home in Guntur. They agreed to do so after doctors told her she could conceive under IVF (Invitro Fertilization).

During this period of marriage, the mother could be called Amma and gave birth to two premature babies. She was administered by Caesarean section after doctors monitored her for nearly nine months. She set a history for giving birth to little girls Grandma World Record age of 74, as never before.

Guntur is proud to be such a rare achievement. Mangayamma, who gave birth to two young children at this age, wants to be healthy in the future and look after the children. Doctors say this is possible based on existing technology.


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