Google voting system for Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3

After completing two terms successfully, these creators have finally kick-started the 3rd season of Telugu most crucial reality show Bigg Boss amid great discussions. Tollywood King Nagarjuna is entertaining the third season of Bigg Boss. Several days ago, Nagarjuna sent the 15 participants into the Big Boss house who are now going to stay there for 100 days. Initially, before the season performance, lies came out that the voting system of Bigg Boss 3 has changed. But as per the newest reports, it seems like the makers have made no changes concerning the voting system. Just like the previous two seasons, the audience can now vote for the popular contestants in Google itself. Each person can choose up to 50 votes for the email ID. Yesterday, six contestants were decided for the elimination this week. The final list of nominated contestants will be out now. We have to wait and see who is going to get out of Bigg Boss house this week.


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