Gaddalakonda Ganesh Deleted Scenes

Mega Prince Varun Tej’s new outing Valmiki aka Gaddalakonda Ganesh directed by Harish Shankar made masses crazy. Varun Tej’s extraordinary change, mass characteristics, Telangana dialogues shocked all.

Now, many are questioning why a powerful scene promoting Varun Tej’s mass image was deleted from the film. The makers released a deleted scene in which Ganesh after stopping the attack from Penchalaiah’s goons calls him and provides a strong signal to him over the phone.

1.Gaddalakonda Ganesh Deleted Scenes

Varun Tej looked wild when he gave powerful dialogues like ‘Rey Gaddalkonda naaku Balam kaadu, nene Gaddalakondaki Balam’. Wonder why Harish Shankar removed the scene. Is it the runtime or something else? Only Varun Tej and Harish Shankar know the secret.

2.Gaddalakonda Ganesh Deleted Scenes

Co-star Pooja Hegde, Atharvaa Murali and Mirnalini Ravi, Gaddalakonda Ganesh is setting out to be a super hit at the box office.


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