PM Modi Launches Fit India Movement

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday began the ‘Fit India Movement’ from New Delhi’s complimented sportspersons on their success.

Below the ‘Fit India Movement’, people over the country will be encouraged/advised to engage their local icons, someone who is grown but fit & healthy.

The PM will launch a ‘Fitness Logo’ and ‘Fitness Pledge’ that indicates.

“I promise to my-self that I will devote time for physical activity and sports every day.

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I will encourage my family members and neighbours to be physically fit and make India a fit nation.”

Indian classical and folk dances would also support following the movement. “This will help in giving our culture. Also, these are great forms of physical activities. There are many classes of dances in our nation, including the ones fulfilled pending marriages, birthdays and other celebrations. We are trying to link those dance forms with the Fit India Movement.

There will be a dedicated social media platform where we will fix out stories of local icons which are fit and healthy,” RS Julaniya, Union Secretary (sports), had told earlier.

A fitness fanatic, the PM’s days begin with a walk inspired by the 5-elements of the environment ‘Prithvi’, ‘jal’, ‘Agni’, ‘Vayu’ and ‘Aakash’. In 2018.

He had engaged in the ‘Hum Fit to India Fit’ campaign started by Union Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore.

Received a fitness challenge from cricketer Virat Kohli.

India has already developed its ranking on global healthcare access and quality (HAQ) list (based on 32-causes of death.

Which could prevent through proper medical care) from-153 in 1990 to 145 in 2016.

However, it still stands behind Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Brazil, Russia and South Africa and entirely below the world average. At a time when the global HAQ index score is 54.4, India’s scored 41.2 (2016).

That was 24.7 in 1990. The HAQ index performed on a study titled Global Burden of Disease.


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