Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs & Shaw Movie Review

Branching out of a right like The Fast and the Furious without its most known face Vin Diesel describes the movie house’s faith in the relatively newer entries to the series, and the makers were not wrong in their charge as the charm of Dwayne Johnson and distrust of Jason Statham make a exciting cocktail which makes you sound at the master of your lungs. It’s one of those spin-offs that makes you overlook how it could have looked with the original star cast.

Add Idris Alba’s half-human, half-robot tinge to it, of course with his peculiar swag that makes you wonder why he isn’t performing James Bond yet, and you get 132 min of extremely thrilling action scenes and some surprise casting to speculate more such films in the series.

This could have operated as a standalone Movie too. It doesn’t need the Fast and the Furious tag to get our recognition. That must have improved, though. There is a definite drift in the tone of the action scenes from the original license. It’s not about judiciously utilising less nitrous oxide for more thrust any more. Slow-motion uppercuts and Ukrainian scientists have also crept into the lives of Johnson and Statham.

What hasn’t improved one bit is the idea of family living the place of timely returns. Luke Hobbs (Johnson) goes behind to Samoa, and Deckard Shaw (Statham) goes to his childhood. That is also the idea for Deckard’s sister Hattie (Vanessa Kirby) to throw some punches and their mother Magdalene (Helen Mirren) to say a couple of done to death things about the family. In short, the family is probably the only emotion worth dying for.

You also meet Idris Alba pouring his heart out and trying to add some mortality in the insane action drill planned every 10 minutes. You’re almost a robot, why don’t you do what others are doing, which is killing people for just being in your range. Because when he does it, he looks far more stylish than the two guys brought together for the franchise.

You may change, but The Fast and the Furious films have been frequently about that one action scene which could make you go crazy in your seat whether Paul Walker would cut the hole in time or would Letty take a grip of her mind before it gets too late. This time, the director David Leitch rejects the idea of leading up to that one breaking point and lays his cover evenly. You get to know more about the people following tough exteriors and incredible muscles.

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The sharp one-liners fun and other tried and tested breathers such as cameos and occasional-vulnerable-colourful funnymen, are all now in Hobbs and Shaw. Writing-wise, the tone has been the same, maybe a little less dangerous. Vin Diesel’s loss means for something after all, no?

Hobbs and Shaw are so massive in action, which is what we cared for initially, that you would look for particular kisses or maybe a dance number. Preferably, you get Roman Reigns moving his way to the camera with a spear in hand.

Anyway, it delivers more than what it guarantees. It’s a solid adrenaline-pumping film with a consistent focus. It’s pure fun, and you don’t even need to bother about what The Rock is cooking.

Rating: 3.5/5


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