Hackers and Cheaters Could Potentially Face a 10 Year Ban

If you have played PUBG Mobile long enough, Face a 10 Years Ban, you would understand that the number of hackers and cheaters have developed much. I have individually found specific hackers and listed them myself. Don’t believe me? Well, pure YouTube research will give you the earth reality. Only players using hacks and cheats tell that they were tired of noticing defeated by other hackers and started cheating themselves.

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Now it’s not like the game developers are absent to the situation. According to a press note by PUBG Mobile, it has ever taken a serious note on criticism about gamers using illegal means to win the game. The game developers have now Face a 10 Years Ban on those players found in contravention of the PUBG Mobile gaming standards to assure a fun and fair gaming experience for all players. In Sep, it announced the ban stated above to over 3,500 players.

“Use of illegal third-party apps or hacks that provide an illegal advantage to a player will be punished with the ban,” told the press note. In case you find a hacker or think that you are being cheated,

there is an opportunity to show other gamers using the in-game reporting system that tells the competent team, who will ensure that robust business takes.

There is a new in-game Ban Notice section that can access from the bottom right scrolling menu. The article gives further information around the aggressive punishment and also carries a long list of players that have banned from the game for ten years.


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