E-cigarettes banned publishes Nirmala Sitharaman of Finance Minister on Wednesday declared that the Cabinet had accepted the decision to ban e-cigarettes. The minister stated at a press conference in Delhi after the Cabinet meeting.

“The Union Cabinet has approved to ban e-cigarettes. It means the production, production, import/export, transportation, sale, delivery, storage and billing related to e-cigarettes are banned,” said Sitharaman.

The removal of the ban will invite imprisonment of up to one year for first-time offenders, while repeat offenders can get up to three years. The e-hookah too stands prevented, said Sitharaman.

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Sitharaman said that the government would bring in an Ordinance and the matter will be taken to the Winter Session of Parliament.
The Refusal of e-cigarettes Ordinance, 2019, was lately examined by a Group of Ministers (GoM) following directions from the Prime Minister’s Office.

E-cigarettes banned publishes Nirmala Sitharaman, Those promoting e-cigarettes argue that they are less harmful than smoking tobacco while the government is of the view that they pose health risks similar to those produced by traditional cigarettes.


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