Durga Puja pandal

With more numerous and more Indians are growing to understand of conserving the environment, festivals to have doused in the sense of environmentalism. Need proof? Check out this Durga Puja pandal in Kolkata which has been created to raise awareness about the broken cell phone masts to cause to birds.

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In agreement with the idea of coming up with new themes and designs for pandals, Barisha Club in Kolkata has grown up with an outstanding social message. The pandal has finished with a dish TV antenna and a faux cell phone tower which is enclosed by the skeletons of dead birds. The pandal is intended to raise awareness of the harmful consequences of radiation from cell phone towers on birds, ANI reported.

Within, the idol of god Durga with ten members has also been renovated in keeping with the social message. Instead of the holy influences that place in the idol’s hands, the Barisha Club Durga has connected with little birds resting on her hands.

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Kolkata is not the only city with pandals wearing social messages this year, particularly on the theme of environmental conservation. A puja pandal in East Delhi has established idols of Durga as well as other gods like Ganesh, Lakshmi, Kartik and Sarawati built from scrap and reclaimed material.

In Orissa, 115 of the 170 total puja pandals have outlawed single-use plastic this year.


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