Dog save ‘drowning’ human

Dog save ‘drowning’ human: People who have dogs know all too great that they’ll go any measures to secure their furry companions are happy and safe. And dogs will do very much do the same when they can, as is explained in this video posted on Twitter.

Dog save ‘drowning’ human shows a German Shepherd falling into a pool to save its human from “drowning”.

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The unbelievable video has got a ton of love on the micro-blogging site and even gave none other than superstar Amitabh Bachchan impressed.

The video has been posted by Twitter user Andrew Albert on August 19. “Who needs a lifeguard when you have a German Shepherd?” he’s captioned the video.

The 25-second-long video shows a lady throwing about in the pool, playing to die in the water. The German Shepherd sees her and quickly rushes to her “rescue”.

The dog jumps water spending time, takes hair mouth to save. The dog doesn’t stop moving until it touches the end of the pool and understands its human is safe. You can even hear others about the lake shouting horribly at the dog’s effort and method.

Since existing shared, the video has received over 1.3 million views, some 96,600 ‘likes’ and more than 22,300 retweets. Many people have been left completely surprised by the dog, including BIG B.


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