Discouraged by Chandrayaan 2 Landing

Discouraged by Chandrayaan 2 Landing setback, ISRO chief K Sivan became tears welled in his eyes minutes.

after Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked the scientists in Bengaluru on Saturday.

Before starting the ISRO control centre, the prime minister moved hands with each scientist already in the room. However, when Modi met the ISRO chief, Sivan broke down.

He quickly comforted PM, gave a pat back and praised the efforts of the experts.

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“The biggest is yet to come in our space programme. India is with you,” PM Modi stated in his address. He had first watched the steps as the lander began its advance towards the moon surface.

Discouraged by Chandrayaan 2 Landing From creating the satellite to its landing attempt, Sivan was involved in every process.

Sivan had said: “Yes, I have butterflies in my stomach.
I’m sitting at ‘conversion desk’ looking at arrangements.
We will wait for a big moment. PM Narendra Modi will be watching, and it will be a big confidence boost.” However, after India lost contact with the lander, Sivan was visibly shaken.



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