Dhandam song from Kamma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Reddlu

Director Ram Gopal Varma published the number Dhandam from his film Kamma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Reddlu.

The number, just like the film, has controversial political elements in it. Singer Hamsika Iyer lent her vocals for the amount which sees lyrics written by Sirasri. Music director Ravi Shankar composed the number for the film.

Ram Gopal Varma seems to be triggering many through the film. The trailer hints at the film base on several politicians of Andhra Pradesh. As the film is yet to censor, the buzz is that he will rename the film as Amma Rajyamlo Kadapa Biddalu, if the censor board has issues with the film’s title. The film is slated to hit screens. Watch and Comments Bellow Dhandam song from Kamma Rajyam Lo Kadapa Reddlu


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