Current Strength of the Assembly

Karnataka CM BS Yediyurappa, who is set to explore the confidence vote in the assembly, struck a positive note, declaring “On Monday hundred per cent I will prove the majority.”

Kumar said his ruling at a quickly called news conference on the eve of the trust vote, two days next Yediyurappa took the oath as chief minister, but the insurgents said people would challenge it in the Supreme Court. He rejected the submissions tendered by the MLAs and went on to exclude them, allowing requests by the two parties.

With the rejection of 17 rebel MLAs, the adequate strength of the 224-member assembly eliminate the Speaker who has a casting vote of a tie is 207. The magic number needed for a majority is 104.

BJP along with the help of 1-independent has 106 members, Congress 66 (including nominated), JD(S) 34 and one BSP member, who has been suspended by the party for not voting for the Kumaraswamy government through the trust vote on July 23.

The loss of 20 MLAs — 17 rebels, as also one each representative from Congress, BSP and Independent — during the vote of trust motion passed by the Congress-JDS alliance government headed by HD Kumaraswamy had started to its downfall. “I have used my judicial conscience…,” told the Speaker, explaining his controversial action.

His unexpected move also came amid indications from the BJP that it was mulling moving a no-confidence against him if he doesn’t willingly give up the post when the assembly meets on Monday.

Ahead of the test of strength, a positive Yediyurappa said the Finance Bill would be passed after getting the confidence vote, adding, “I have not even changed a comma or full stop in it. I will be delaying the finance bill provided by the (previous) Congress-JD(S) gov.” The finance bill (appropriation bill) needs to be transferred “urgently”, as unless “we will not be ready to draw funds even to pay salaries (of Gov employees),” he replied.

The Speaker told he took action based on the appeals moved by the Congress and JDS to exclude the rebel MLAs, who had also submitted submissions as assembly members and were absent during the trust vote asked by Kumaraswamy.

Kumar said he had refused the request by the rebel MLAs to give him four weeks more to arrive before him on the issues of their patience and disqualification case facing them.

The Speaker had made it visible when he excluded three rebel MLAs earlier that a member excluded under the anti-defection law cannot defend or get elected till the end of the term of the present House, a claim which has been challenged by the BJP, rebel MLAs and some legal experts.

Reading out the names of shifting MLAs, the Speaker replied, “they cease to be MLAs with force till the expiry of the 15th assembly (in 2023),” adding, “with trust and fear I have taken this decision”. “The way I am pressurized
intellectually as Speaker to deal with all those things, I am pushed into a sea of sadness,” said an emotional Kumar.

Invalidated rebel MLAs, many of whom are still holed up in Mumbai worrying about poaching from the Congress-JDS, told they would ask the action against them in the Supreme Court.

“Dear voters and my well-wishers, Speaker, has ordered my exclusion from the assembly. There is no want to panic. We are claiming this in the Supreme Court. I’m sure that we will be successful in the court,” Maski MLA Pratap Gowda Patil said in a video Sms to voters.

Talking to a local news channel, another excluded MLA Munirathana said they were aware that they would be rejected as Congress leaders had approached them about it.


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