Day-3 Mata Chandraghanta shubh muhurat

On the 3rd day of Navratri, Day-3 Mata Chandraghanta shubh muhurat. She is a ten-armed god with three eyes who takes a tiger and has various weapons such as a Trishul, sword, Gada and ka manual. She has a sickle moon on her front, because of which she is known as Chandraghanta. In Sanskrit, ‘Chandra’ means moon. Goddess Chandraghanta means the other front of the calm and serene Goddess Mahagauri.

Her warrior side tells us that she can be both comfortable and go to war, depending only on what the situation is. Maa Chandraghanta wears jewellery of bells, and it is held in one battle between the gods and demons, the vibrations produced from the signs led to the death of several rakshasas. She is understood to preserve her devotees and blesses them with love and happiness.

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Day-3 Mata Chandraghanta shubh muhurat so that we keep evil powers away from us. It is believed that she can clear the world of sins and real suffering. Milk or kheer is to be given to the Goddess as bhog. Some recipes which can be heard at home are vrat wali kheer, sabudana kheer and makhana kheer.

During the nine days on Navratri, enthusiasts take up early in the morning, pray to Goddess Durga and perform various offerings. Many devotees also avoid meat-products, alcohol and do not smoke. Each of the 9-days of Navratri another form of Goddess Durga is celebrated.

Her nine forms commonly are related to as Navdurga. Goddess Durga’s nine forms are

5.Skanda Mata


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