Dangerous apps on Play Store

Dangerous apps on Play Store: ESET researcher Lukas Stefanko shared a report showing 172 malicious apps on the Play Store that had over 335 million installs.

Despite Google’s best attempts, malicious apps remain to run riot on the Play Store. The more apps are considered down, the more new apps with malware show up. ESET protection researcher Lukas Stefanko threw light on an analysis that shows that 172 Dangerous apps on Play Store and they collectively had over 335 million installs.

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Dangerous apps on Play Store

Be it the appearance of malicious apps, or the recent trend of researchers calling out these apps, or both,

but it is the Play Store’s estimation that is taking a hit as more and

more people get insecure about what is safe and what is not on the rocks of Google’s app market.

While the Play Store remains to launch countermeasures to stop such apps from taking to the play store,

And as the brand continues to hunt down existing malicious apps, it is usually down to the end-user to ensure the safety of their phone. A few practices to include to provide a malware-free telephone would be to install only apps that you need,

get apps only from trusted sources and be careful while browsing on the web and coming across ads..


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