Chennai doctors remove 526 teeth from 7-year-old’s mouth

The doctors say it is the world’s 1st-case in which such a high number of teeth have been found and removed from a particular site.

In an unusual medical case, doctors at the hospital in Chennai removed over 500 teeth from a boy’s mouth. The parents of the 7-year-old had brought him to a dental hospital after they noticed growing on the right -side of his face, but it rolled out to be a rare case of “composite odontoma”.

As many as 526 teeth of differing sizes were removed 526 teeth from the right lower jaw of the child in an operation that lasted 5- hours. 5-surgeons and seven pathologists were initially engaged in a process to remove a 4×3 cm tumour from the right side of his jaw. After it was removed the doctors spotted the teeth present there, news agency ANI published.

“The issue was notified when the child was 3-years old. It was neglected then as he did not cooperate.. 4-years later. It took a lot of efforts to turn him for the surgery as the growth grew,” Dr Pratibha Ramani, the HOD of word-of-mouth and maxillofacial pathology at the Saveetha Dental College and Hospital said PTI.

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The doctors tell it is the world’s 1st-case in which such a large number of teeth have been determined and removed from a single site. Over 200 such minute’ teeth’ were from a teenager’s mouth in Mumbai in 2014.

According to the Chennai hospital, the surgery, which would have charged around Rs 75,000 to Rs 1-lakh, was done free of charge under a Tamil Nadu government scheme. The boy was discharged 3-days after the operation.


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