Chandrayaan-2 Successful Next Is Gaganyaan

Chandrayaan-2 Successful Next Is Gaganyaan: ISRO Chief K Sivan, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chief K Sivan on Friday stated that the moon mission Chandrayaan-2 achieved 98% of its goals.

Speaking to media at the Bhubaneswar airport, Sivan was happy to give that the Chandrayaan-2 orbiter is performing exceptionally well.Chandrayaan-2 Successful Next Is Gaganyaan He also said that the National level panel consisting of academicians and ISRO experts are investigating the cause of information loss with the lander.

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“Orbiter continues to do planned science operations to complete satisfaction. There are 8-instruments in the orbiter, and each instrument is doing specifically what it intended to do. Concerning the lander, we have not been able to build rapport with it yet. The scientists are working to assess the lapses, to see what specifically performed incorrectly with Vikram lander. As soon as we avail each data, necessary steps will be taken subsequently.”

He more said, “The orbiter originally designed for a year,

But with the excellent mission planning, there is every probability that it will continue for another seven and a half years helping us for science operations.

Why we are speaking Chandrayaan-2 achieved 98% success is because of two objectives- one is science and the other technology presentation. In the case of a technology presentation, the completion percentage was almost full.”

The ISRO chief said Talking on the next mission, “Our next priority is Gaganyaan mission, which will be the 1st uncrewed mission. We have set a spot of achieving this by the end of next year.”

Sivan is in Bhubaneswar to visit the 8th Conference ceremony of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bhubaneswar today. Chief Guest for the event, Sivan will address the students of IIT in the community centre of the institute at Argul, Jatni.


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