CCD owner VG Siddhartha

VG Siddhartha, the business peer who founded the Cafe Coffee Day series, has left missing from Mangaluru where he should go on business, a senior Karnataka police officer spoke on Tuesday.

According to police, Siddhartha proposed his driver to drop him off at the Netravathi bridge in Mangaluru as he needed to catch a walk. However, when there was no view of him ever after an hour, the driver informed the family, and they, in turn, told the authorities, spoke Mangaluru police commissioner Sandeep Patil.

Driver Basavaraj Patil, in his report to the police, told, “On Monday I went to his house in Bengaluru at 8 am. At 12.30 pm he proposed to me to drive towards Sakleshpur. As we neared it, asked me to drive towards Mangalore. When I was starting Mangalore, he said ‘take the car to the bridge’. He expected me to be at the end of the bridge and told me he’d walk. At-8 pm, I called him, but his mobile was turned off. Next, I called his son, and he said he’d also try calling him. As there was no answer, I’m recording this charge.”

Siddhartha is to the son-in-law of former foreign minister SM Krishna who met the BJP after giving decades in the Congress.

The police officer told a fast search had been started for the businessman at the family’s request. Dog squads and boats have been used to help with the search.

Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa hurried to the home of SM Krishna and is personally ordering the search operations.



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