nirmala sitharaman, 'BHEL Down, Millennials Prefer Paani Puri': #BoycottMillennials Trends After FM's Comment

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman At a press conference, on Tuesday, told that one of the crucial factors following the slowdown in the auto sector had been the difference in the mindset of millennials.BoycottMillennials Trends After FM’s Comment

national political news According to Sitharaman, the youth in India would instead opt for Ola, Uber and other cab services preferably of invest in EMI for a particular vehicle.

She also joined the Centre was working on getting to the bottom of problems plaguing the automobile sector and find a solution for it, 

given that thousands of people are dropping their jobs.

While we understand where Sitharaman may have been coming from, is it right to blame the millennials for everything that works wrong with the world? Getting up, we’ve all learned the desi moms and grandmoms complaining about “Aaj Kal ke bachche” and their nefarious ways. And now, we have this. 

national political news Naturally, Indians from all over the world joined to start a revolution on this “millennial blaming” ideology, in a way they know best – through words on social media.

BoycottMillennials Trends After FM’s Comment, Soon after, hashtags like #SayItLikeNirmala and #BoycottMillennials began trending on social media, with tweets blaming the millennial mindset for, well, everything.


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