boy drops into borewell

boy drops into borewell: Tamil Nadu Health Minister Vijaya Baskar told: ‘It’s unlucky that since morning we will not hear his voice. additional groups area unit on the manner,’

On Sat, rescue forces proceeded to avoid wasting a 2-years-old boy WHO befell into Associate in Nursing abandoned borewell in a pretty village throughout Tamil Nadu’s Tiruchirappalli district.

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The boy fell into the borewell at regarding 5:30 pm on Fri. Later at midnight, he stirred from a depth of twenty-five feet to seventy feet when the tube-well caved in throughout the rescue works. The boy is alive and innocent as per a medical team on the spot, according to geographical region Times.

Six groups area unit ironed into rescue that has conjointly seen four failing attempts to raise the tiddler employing a rope with a knot at Nadukattuppatti village close to Manaparai city in Trichy district, regarding 370 kilometres from Chennai.

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Speaking to a television channel, state Health Minister C Vijaya Baskar on Sat morning aforesaid that chemical element was provided into the borewell, adding that despite most efforts, they need to be unable to raise the boy.

“It’s unfortunate that since morning, we will not hear his voice. additional rescue groups area unit on the manner,” he was quoted as a spoken language by news organisation cuckoo.

According to News18 report, rescue efforts were being doled out since Fri evening by the fireplace service department et al…

The Trichy Police said: “Sujith Wilson fell into the borewell, mammary gland up by his father, in Associate in a Nursing ironic flip of events on Fri evening and his neighbours alerted the family upon hearing his cries. His father, page Arockiaraj, had mammary gland the borewell for agricultural functions.”

Initially, earthmoving instrumentation was ironed into service to dig a pit close to the borewell to achieve the boy. However, it had been stopped midway because the tract was rocky. Breaking it’d end in vibrations which will loosen the soil within the borewell, thereby causing the boy additional down.

boy drops into borewell Later, the rescue team used a unique instrumentation ‘borewell robot’. However, that too wasn’t prospering.



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