body located in actor Nagarjuna's farmhouse

body located in actor Nagarjuna’s farmhouse, The star had recently purchased the farmhouse and police suspect someone could become killed themselves earlier.

A highly decomposed body of an unknown person was found in the assumptions of popular actor Akkineni Nagarjuna‘s farmhouse in Papireddyguda in Telangana’s Rangareddy district on Wednesday.

The farmhouse occurs under the control of the Keshampet police and investigation officials who recovered the body, suspect that the death could have got place 6-months ago. The police suspect that the death could be a suicide.

According to news, farmland spanning around 40 acres was newly by the actor,

and it remained available for many years for which, Nagarjuna had sent some farmworkers to the farmhouse requiring them to be ready the land for organic farm cultivation.

After working there, the farmworkers had noticed a nasty smell emanating from an evacuated building. When they entered the building, they saw the skeletal remains of a dead body, which was utterly decomposing. Following this, they notified the Village Revenue Officer of the incident.

body located in actor Nagarjuna’s farmhouse, After being informed by the VRO, the police investigated the scene with a dog squad and CLUES team, collected forensic evidence, and started the investigation.

The police have recorded a case of suspicious death under section 174 of the CPC on Thursday.

Speaking to TNM on Thursday morning, SI Venkateswarulu, said, “We were alerted by the VRO last night. After inspecting the area and the body, we suspect that it could be a suicide. Though we haven’t identified the deceased yet, we are zeroing in on the person.”

“We are investigating the death. It is too early to comment further,” he added.

The police are going through the list of missing persons to identify the deceased. Further details are expected to revealed soon.


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