‘bitter gourd challenge’ in big boss finally made these two hearts come together

Bitter gourd challenge : It was time to test the bonding in the housemates in the Bigg Boss house. Above all, the continuous ‘sacrifices’ task has served Punarnavi and Rahul Sipligunj to patch up.

Punarnavi was direct nominated for elimination this week, and she had to change Rahul to drink twenty glasses of bitter gourd juice to last the nomination.

When she told Rahul the same, he didn’t think for a time to say ‘yes’. Punarnavi did invite him to think twice before jumping into it. But Rahul agreed to try his best as he can save her from the nomination if he gets in the Bitter gourd challenge.

Rahul began driving up after he had nearly 7-glasses of the juice. Punarnavi and the rest of the house_mates couldn’t believe their eyes as he ultimately completed the task with conviction. When Bigg Boss told Punarnavi was safe, she couldn’t resist hugging Rahul and giving him a peck on the cheek. This opened to a loud cheer in the house.

Punarnavi later told Rahul hushed her with one sacrifice.

For the uninformed, Punarnavi and Rahul are often appreciated for their love or hate equation. In the new weekend episode, Punarnavi and Rahul had a difference in opinion, and she wanted to end her friendship with the latter. Rahul chose not to disturb her.


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