Bigboss directors are Srimukhi's friends

Himaja, who came out of the Bigg Boss-3 house after being eliminated in the ninth week, revealed a shocking incident in the house.

Talking about Srimukhi… That’s not to say anything wrong about Srimukhi but .. Bigg Boss comes to feel like a lifetime. But what’s going on is a different backstage original story. For example, Srimukhi, Bigboss directors are Srimukhi’s friends and,

Rahul will be nominated for the entire season. But why not? What happened before .. Baba Bhaskar advised the strategy. Guess that the popular vote is due to the sympathy of the people for keeping Srimukhi an enemy. We don’t know what’s inside.

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Srimukhi, however, goes to the cameras and gives advice and suggestions to the Bigg Boss team. Even then, she didn’t like it. I don’t understand why she’s saying that. Then I remembered what she said.

Bigboss directors are Srimukhi’s friends, Abhishek and Shyam in Bigg Boss Directors have said that he is very close. That got me into the mind. On the one hand, they are close friends. Did she come in as an anchor? I doubt whether he came to be a Constant. When I was friendly with her, I had the support .. Can’t deny it.

Outsiders think he is stable but .. Srimukhi is very sensitive. Shivajyothi is sensitive but .. Srimukhi is very sensitive. One day when she wanted to win this game as a sedan, she said that someone had to go from time to time.

The tribe suffered as I hit the egg. The tribe is feeling that Baba Bhaskar was nominated yesterday. Himaja revealed the interesting stuff via her Instagram as you will know the real facts soon.


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