Bella Hadid Supermodel is World's Most Beautiful Woman

Bella Hadid Supermodel is World’s Most Beautiful Woman. At least, that’s what Hellenic mathematics says.

Scientists resolving the most beautiful woman on the planet according to the

 “Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi Standards” have chosen the Victoria’s Mysterious model’s face as the one that gets most like to end, reports

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The “Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi” represents beauty following standard Greek calculations. Measurements of facial dimensions are done going by standards that Greek scholars applied while trying to explain elegance with scientific-formula.

According to the “Golden Ratio” times, the 23-year-old Bella has a look that is 94.35 % perfect.

Also, performing by the parameters of the “Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi”, pop diva Beyoncé stopped at the 2nd spot. She has a look that is 92.44 % perfect.

Actress Amber Heard is at number 3rd with a ratio of 91.85 % while pop star Ariana Grande is set 4th with 91.81%

The measurements led by Dr Julian De Silva, an elevated facial cosmetic surgeon at London’s high Harley Street.

Bella Hadid Supermodel is World’s Most Beautiful Woman According to Science “Bella Hadid was the apparent winner when all details of the face were measured for physical perfection. She had the most crucial overall study for her chin which, with a score of 99.7 %, 

is only 0.3% away from happening the perfect shape, “Dr Julian said The Daily Mail.

Earlier this week, Bella fed rumours of meeting with her ex, singer The Weeknd, when he found at her side on her birthday.

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The two had announced it quits a couple of months ago, 

and they defeated all reunion rumours assuming they continue to be just “friends” and blank more.


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