Beautiful Movie Trailer of Bollywood’s upcoming film ‘Beautiful’ is done and more than the idea about the plot, the trailer is filled with kissing and grabbing scenes from the film. We don’t expect something separate from this when it is coming to RGV.

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RGV says that ‘Beautiful’ is a series of his blockbuster film ‘Rangeela’. However, we don’t see how it need to be called a sequel as emptiness seems to be like the second part, not the continuation nor thematically associated with ‘Rangeela’.

The focus was on giving off the curvaceous figure of the heroine Naina Ganguly with a BGM that is too slow and seems monotonous. There is no change in the tone of the BGM even when the battle element comes halfway through the trailer.

Beautiful Movie Trailer has not songs nor dialogues. It’s like a mixture of kissing and pulling shots, and later with shots that they think would suggest conflict. This is the expected trailer when it is coming from RGV. ‘Beautiful’ is being directed by Agasthya Manju and produced by T Naresh Kumar.


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