Batla House is Archival Enough to Stay on for a Long Time, Says John Abraham

Over the years, actor John Abraham has learned the trick to using his physicality in films by mixing it with interesting characters and good stories. 

When John began his career in the mid-2000s, he grew the poster boy for gym lovers. Throughout his 15-year-long career, John did take up roles which asked him to flex his muscles, but of late the actor is seen playing tasks which involve him doing a lot more—saving the nation, developing nuclear weapons and going privately.

“There is a physicality that I own that survives; there’s a special way people see the way I look, that is working to stay. I am not shying apart from that,” John told PTI.

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“You use physicality in a subversive way. Batla House isn’t a real film, but my cop is losing a guy in the chest. This cop has 8-pack abs, but it isn’t loud you. If you use your physicality active, it is good, not overtly. I am not hitherto using my physicality overtly,” he added.

John said if actors want to support in the film industry, they should consider in their gut.

“It is essential not to have that trip. We cannot support it. You can have the fastest 100 million views, the biggest opening, but the biggest loser is still the film not doing recognised because that many millions have seen a bad movie.

The right step is to support your gut and be committed to the kind of content you want to create.” 

The 46-year-old actor, whose most advanced release Batla House has opened to real reviews, is confused with the response the Nikkhil Advani directorial is getting. 

“In my career, I’ve never seen such a large wave of love from the public and the critics consistently for the film, my appearance, Nikkhil’s direction. It has been amazing. Through this film, we are part of something amazing which cannot be translated. It confirmed by the numbers we are getting for it.” 

“This is beyond that. We have made something archival to stay on for a long time. The numbers are excellent and inspiring for us, and I’m so thrilled and happy with the answer,” he added.


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