Baby Krishna Costumes For Janmashtami

Janmashtami is the celebration that celebrates the birth of Krishna, Baby Krishna Costumes For Janmashtami (who is an avatar of Lord Vishnu). On the day of this festivity, it is an age-old custom to costume little boys and girls in Krishna costumes. Baby Krishna was an interesting personality with some very typical signs. And almost every family does have little boy or girl who has the courage.

So Krishna outfits are something that parents can take a look at before Janmashtami. It is essential to know the prominent features of a baby Krishna outfit first. Here are some of the main elements of Krishna clothes for kids.

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String Of Pearls

Baby Krishna Costumes For JanmashtamiThis delicious little Krishna is enhanced with many strings of pearls. We also like the fancy silver anklets.


Krishna forever wore silk dhotis. So you also have to make dhotis a part of the baby Krishna dresses. It favoured if the dhoti is made of silk and has golden edges. However, you can also design your ‘Bal Gopal’ wear cotton dhotis to fulfil him more suitable. These days, you get ready-to-wear plaited dhotis for kids.

Baby Krishna Costumes For Janmashtami


Krishna was a protector prince so; He always wore a crown. You can buy designer crowns from stalls that spring up now before Janmashtami. You can also make your crown with shiny golden cardboard or paper.

Baby Krishna Costumes For Janmashtami

Peacock Feather

A single peacock feather always decorated the crown of baby Krishna. That is why you must hold a peacock feather to the crown of your Krishna costume. It one of the various easily identifiable badges of Krishna.


The saying performs that Krishna prefers to dress up. So since we look at this tendency of Lord Krishna so indulgently, you must dress your baby Krishna allowed for Janmashtami. Adorn your baby boy or girl with ropes of pearls, kadas and accessories.

Baby Krishna Costumes For Janmashtami


Krishna was a lyrical player of the flute. You can, therefore, add a tiny flute to your Krishna dress. Make your bal Gopal be a designer flute in his hands. It makes not have to be a real flute. You get some fake flutes in the store just before Janmashtami.

Baby Krishna Costumes For Janmashtami

These are some of the main factors of baby Krishna’s costume to try for Janmashtami.


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