Marvel Studios has just published a trailer for their new V.R. video game Avengers: Damage Control, and it looks pretty amazing. Billed as a “V.R. experience,” the game is an entirely immersive fighting shooter placed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

that will be open at select The VOID locations starting October 18th.

The trailer starts with a gorgeously executed shot of the Sanctum Sanctorum, with an impending voice-over from Dr Strange teaching that “a powerful force has resurfaced.” We’re then given some in-game footage of members getting welcomed to the fight by none other than Spider-Man, 

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who only lately found his way back into the MCU after a bitter public care battle between Disney & Sony.

Then we’re used to some real gameplay footage, with members trading repulsor blasts with waves of skeletal Ultron drones while soaring above the New York skyline. It seems like a fast-paced on-the-rails shooter with some limited mobility options, which seems ideally suited for the full-body V.R. experiences submitted by The VOID. There’s a sharp shot of Ultron himself, having won Godzilla-like size and stomping over what looks to a S.H.I.E.L.D.

 Helicarrier as he gets his way ominously towards us, with films of his drones swirling around his head. There also appear to sequence player is Quinjet, as drones hit from each side and break their way inside. There’s also lots of crisply-rendered fire and particle forces blowing up around the camera at seemingly every corner. It seems awesome.

As the trailer wraps up, we’re given a rapid-fire montage of more action scenes from the play, 

Including the Hulk doing his trademark “the-opposite-of-stealth” approach and Spider-Man getting a Quinjet in a flat spin just before it smashes into the player. Falcon, Black Panther, War Machine, Ant-Man, and the Wasp all give up to lend a hand upon the titanic Ultron. The trailer concludes with a funny exchange between Ant-Man and the Wasp as they discuss whether or not Golden Girls reruns creates a date.

The game appears to be the ideal combination between the MCU and the V.R. activities given by The VOID. It seems like a blast, and my ears don’t beat me, it sounds like they arranged to notice all of the actors from the films to give the voices for their characters. (If not, they got some damn good sound-alikes.) Check out the trailer for Avengers: Damage Control below, and click here to read on how Tom Holland got Spider-Man back into the MCU.



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