Assembly elections

Previous Congress president Rahul Gandhi will have no say in the selection of party candidates for next month’s assembly elections.

Rahul, who leave as Congress chief after accepting responsibility for the party’s loss in this year general Assembly elections,

has recused-himself from participating in candidate selection meetings or doing part of the decisions made there, HT learns.

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“He doesn’t need to be involved with ticket allocation. He feels it’s much the party chooses this in discussion with state leaders and receives responsibility for their choices,’’ a member of his team told on the situation of anonymity.

Rahul did not participate in the two meetings that have taken the position of the Congress’s Central Election Committee, or CEC, the last of which was on Thursday. He has been a part of the CEC since 2010.

His team verified to HT that it was a deliberate decision to steer clear of the entire process, giving the old guard to deal with candidate selection.

However, he will still play a vital role in the elections as a campaigner. “While Rahul has quit on moral grounds, it does not mean that he’s not participating in the election process. He’s working more than ever helping us build a strong campaign,’’ told KH Muniyappa, a part of the central election authority.

Academic and author Neera Chandhoke told the Congress to force face organisational problems without Rahul. “He seemed to be the only glue…The party does not seem to have a standard ground on issues ranging from Kashmir or how to regard PM Modi,” she said.


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