Andhra Pradesh Becomes First State to Reserve 75% Private Jobs for Local Youths

According to the new law, if a company takes not get the necessary skills in locals, then it will need to teach them in association with the state government.
Andhra Pradesh on Monday became the first state to reserve jobs for local youth after the assembly declared the Andhra Pradesh Employment of Local Candidates in Industries/Factories Act, 2019, which has 75% jobs in industrial units, factories, joint ventures and plans set up under public-private partnership mode.

According to the new law, if a company does not find the required skills in locals, then it will need to train them in agreement with the state government, the Times of India detailed. This way, no company will be able to hide after the excuse of not finding skilled local workers.

Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy had promised to give quota in local jobs during his ‘padayatra’ in the state. It was also an election commitment.

The government had declared 1.33 lakh village volunteer jobs for jobless youth in the state, and the chief minister should announce he wanted to achieve the quota over the next 3years and was sure of possible industries.

Several states have put 4th the idea of having jobs for locals, with Madhya Pradesh being the latest. On July 9, chief minister Kamal Nath had said he would take in a law to book 70% jobs for locals, a promise he had done after the Congress came to power in December 2018.

While the step is confident in that it encourages local hiring, the state will also have to concentrate on skill development of the youth to guarantee their employability.


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