Akshay Kumar's Rs 2 Crore Donation

After being affected by the Assam waves that carried the stories of over 90 people and 100s of animals, actor Akshay Kumar’s Rs 2 Crore Donation Donation for the welfare works. He donated Rs1 crore to the CM Relief Fund and Rs 1 cr to the famed Kaziranga National Park.

The Mission Mangal star was one of the 1st to donate such a considerable amount.

The star tweeted that he was ‘heartbroken’ after discussing the position. He reportedly replied, “I really did not feel good when I gave money.

But the Chief Minister of Assam invited me and said, ‘aapke donation ke baad, bahut saare aur bhi logon ne donation diya’ (After you gave, I am noticing more people give).

Ours is a foreign nation. One has to start something right, and it will produce a ripple result. We need a small push.” The actor also figured that a picture of a mother holding on to her child on her arms while wading through the overflowed waters hit him badly.

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“There was no expression of sadness or stress on her face. And that’s a dangerous sign. What all she must have gone through that she forgot all her sorrows,” stated Akshay. He said that such things could not look to his spouse or girl, and that was why he did what he arranged.

Akshay Kumar’s Rs 2 Crore Donation On giving Rs 1 crore to the zoo, he said, “I also saw some images of animals like rhinoceros, who were drowning, dying and screaming. We should all come together during such times – regardless of whether you can donate Rs 2 or 5 lakhs. That’s how a country is made. And humanity is all about that. I admit that God has given me a lot of money, so I give away without thinking twice.”

the production van, Akshay’s Mission Mangal has joined the Rs 100 crore mark. The film, which is based on India’s 1st interplanetary expedition, Mars Orbiter Mission, released on August 15.


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