acharya enters guinness world Records

acharya enters Guinness world Records Here’s a young man who works the surgeon’s blade not for medical emergencies but for creating miniature sculptures on pencil edge.

When Surendra Acharya, 32, a supporter at the MESCOM sub-station in Karkala, Udupi district, makes running on a piece of graphite, he deftly-sculpts a Mother Teresa, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a birdcage, Lord Vishwakarma, and Jesus Christ.

So unique is his achievement that he has joined the Guinness World Records for the ‘Most links created from pencil lead (graphite)’, which was made at Karkala on April-7. He carved 58 -links from pencil lead in front of 4-gazetted officers

I was breaking the history set by Abdul Baseer of Pakistan, who had cut 50-chain links from pencil lead at Gujranwala in Pakistan in 2018. Mr Acharya will receive the coveted certificate in 20 days.

It was a statement in a newspaper that motivated him to begin this creative journey. “I read about this effort by an artist on a lot of chalk in the newspaper 9-years ago. I was motivated and decided to sculpt on various medium. I finally chose pencil lead,” he said.

Initially, it was a strain, but he soon learned it. “Even immediately when I sculpt, the lead breaks sometimes,” he told.

He dedicates time for art next regular working hours. All he wants is a blade, a surgeon’s scalpel and a needle, simultaneously with perseverance and consistency. “Many a time, the sculpture breaks now as I am providing the finishing touches and I get upset. But I begin again,” he said.

acharya enters Guinness world Records, Acharya is not one to rest on his bays. He tries to sculpt poses of Bharatanatyam and Yakshagana next.

Mr Acharya is a diploma-holder in fire and protection. His father is a farmworker while his mother is a dairy farmer.

He has been a short term worker with Medicom for the last 10-years and is confident that his service is regularised soon.


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