A Pakistani Pop-Singer is Facing Legal Action

A Pakistani Pop-Singer is Facing Legal Action Rabi Pirzada, posing with snakes and dangerous Indian PM Narendra Modi over the abrogation of Article 370 didn’t explain to go down well.

A Pakistani Pop-Singer is Facing Legal Action by the Punjab Wildlife Department for alleged negligence of law by keeping banned exotic animals some rare cobras, snakes, a crocodile and a lion – as pets.

According to report, following the Punjab Wildlife (Protection, Conservation and Management) Act of 1974 (amended 2007), possession of before-mentioned animals is illegal and can lead to the arrest of 2 to 3 years or a fine of Rs..20,000.

Earlier in Sep, the singer had uploaded a 15-second great video on social media,

where she can be viewed posing with a few snakes and alligators in her room as she says that certain are gifts for Modi.

After the video had gone viral, the wildlife department immediately formed a team, and the video had garnered a lot of study from animal rights activists and netizens.


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