48000 Jobless Telangana Rtc Workers

48000 Jobless Telangana Rtc Workers: Bus driver Venkateshwarlu allegedly committed suicide this weekend by bitter poison. In contrast, the death of the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) employee in Nalgonda district on Saturday coupled to spiralling protests over a government order to sack regarding 48.000 workers, police area unit nevertheless to verify the character of the case.

Venkateshwarlu’s is not associate isolated incident. The strike and demonstrations have intense once many staff, which lost their jobs, allegedly committed suicide, or died of shock. Quite half-a-dozen such cases have reportable over the past three weeks. On Monday, reports came in this a feminine conductor had killed herself in Khammam district, prompting another round of protests.

A meeting on Saturday between the administration & protesters, with hopes of reaching the centre-ground, turned futile with neither aspect able to budge from its position.

“They snatched aloof from our phones once we went in. They told U.S.A. discussions would happen solely on twenty-one demands. However, we’ve got twenty-six demands that embody a merger. Why are area unit discussions not happening on all twenty-six demands? We tend to walk out,” Ashwathama above Reddy, the caller of the Joint Action Committee (unions’ group).

It all started on October five, once TSRTC staff issued a strike decision with a collection of twenty-six demands – as well as job security, wage hike, maternity leave for ladies, etc. But, the foremost necessary one was merging the corporation with the govt…

2-days into the strike, about 48,000 corporation workers were idle. They were raped or instead dismissed’, as per the chief minister’s workplace, for not coverage to figuring inside the given time and additionally for disrupting services throughout the festal season once lakhs of individuals use RTC buses to trip their hometowns.

The transport corporation has existed for over the years, creation of Telangana in 2014 times of the whole province. The service that runs buses inside the capital town Hyderabad and additionally different components of the state is that the most cost-effective mode of travel offered for the centre category and deprived. 

Another sector of individuals heavily smitten by the public utility area unit students WHO will get annual passes for as very little as thirty rupees. Girls, finding out in categories below tenth, will avail a free pass.

The corporation has for long stuck in a real bog of losses. In a very recent meeting, chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao, popularly called KCR, aforementioned that the TSRTC has been acquisition a loss of Rs a hundred large integer monthly and Rs one,200 large integers each year with outstanding loans of regarding five,000 massive integer rupees.

And joining the corporation would transfer the burden of losses to the govt. KCR had additionally known as the demand irrational, oral communication that if the TSRTC combined with the govt., fifty-seven different companies would create similar applications.

The Andhra precedent

The chief minister, in a very recent press, meets, blame the leaders of the transport unions for matters. He stated time opposite “21 demands” would be explored committee, except the one for a merger.

48000 Jobless Telangana Rtc Workers, The unions, however, had aforementioned that there was no scope for a compromise — the first reason protesters area unit pushing merger avail edges on par offered to government workers and job security.

Another demand is that the pay hike. In a very recent media making known, KCR had additionally aforementioned that the corporation workers got a forty-four per cent hike once he took over as chief minister. Later, fourteen per cent interim relief too was granted. “No RTC within the country has hiked employees’ salaries by sixty-seven per cent in precisely four years,” he said.

Neighbouring state province recently proclaimed its call to merge the road transport corporation with the govt., that oil-fired the same interest in Telangana.

“The organization demand has been there for an extremely very long time. However, the RTC was ne’er, thus adamant regarding it. It was simply a proposal. But now, since Andhra has done it, Telangana RTC staff area unit powerfully hoping and fighting for constant here,” Prakash Rao Gone, former RTC chairman, told News18.

According to Rao, the merger demand is impractical with such losses. However, he aforementioned that RTC is the government’s responsibility. “Unions ought to perceive that a merger can ne’er do. If they are dangerous, they will actively fight for all different demands, that area unit potential. “Rao said.

He additionally extra that blaming the unions and workers for losses within the RTC is wrong. There area unit loads of external factors like increasing tax and better diesel prices, that area unit pain the corporation’s business, he said.

“The chief minister has to perceive that the RTC could be a service for the folks. Diesel prices have gotten higher, and still, you wish to run the fleet of ten,000 buses with constant price ticket rates. However, can it calculate for the RTC? The govt. Doesn’t need to extend RTC rates as a result of it’ll have a bearing on the general public,” said Rao.

Political compulsions

According to some consultants, increasing RTC price ticket rates is severe and will impact the govt. Within the long-term. “It’s a political call. If the govt. Will increase RTC rates, then folks are sad. So, they’re going not to get laid,” a supply aforementioned to News18.

48000 Jobless Telangana Rtc Workers, Calling the protests “useless”, the chief minister had aforementioned that the unions do these protests for his or her gains previous internal elections. KCR had additionally noted that the workers were accountable for losing their jobs.

“If they thus disquieted regarding their families, they may have reportable to duty rather than happening a strike. Did I raise them to travel on strike and lose jobs?” he aforementioned last week.

Analysts say the govt. Failed to handle matters with efficiency. “It is objectionable the method of the govt. They have proscribed it. This issue issues folks currently. 

The government must think about people’s demands. 

It looks like associate ego tussle between each party. 

How many days can this continue for?” political analyst Nageshwar Rao aforementioned to News18.

Two weeks agone, Telangana governor Tamilisai Soundararajan had additionally requested the govt. And TSRTC management to create positive that the dispute doesn’t result in any inconvenience to folks.

What’s the way forward for RTC?

Workers unsettled once the chief minister’s recent statement that “there’s no future for RTC”.

Rumours that the corporation might denationalize grew stronger once KCR, at a press meet, aforementioned that the RTC is bankrupt and also the current strike can place associate finish to the corporation. “The results of the strike is that the previous RTC won’t be there: one,000% it’ll not be there,” he said.

He claimed that the strike throughout the pageant season resulted in losses between Rs a hundred twenty-five large integer and Rs one hundred fifty large integer to the RTC.

The government is already performing on the associate choice to have twenty per cent of the corporation beneath personal management. However, KCR’s recent comments on TSRTC recommend that there’s a precise stage that a majority stake might offer to individual players.

This would mean no job security for the transport corporation workers, and unregulated fares may well be a burden on the lakhs of individuals WHO depend upon this mode of transport, say sources.

“Giving it to a personal dealer isn’t the answer. RTC isn’t a profit-making machine. It ought to treat as a government hospital or a faculty, that area unit for the service of the folks,” Prakash mentioned above Rao.

Put associate finish to unions and rejoin RTC, says KCR

To the 48,000 workers WHO area unit still idle, the chief minister aforementioned they may rejoin the services. However, they’dought to jettisoning of their association with any union.

The corporation had additionally sent out notifications to recruit new workers to replenish the vacant positions. However, aspirants would offer associate enterprise that they’re going not to be a part of any unions.

“TRS (KCR’s party) contains a trades union wing. Minister Srinivas Goud was a part of unions. Harish Rao was president of Telangana Mazdoor Union. So, have things modified once he came to power for the second time? this is often a democracy; he cannot attempt to kill unions.” Nageshwar Rao aforementioned.



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