Ganapati idol with 106 kg Belgian chocolate in Ludhiana

106kg Belgian chocolate Ganapati idol: To paint the news of peace and music, this design was initially addressed to a Muslim artist, who created out an impressive idol with chocolate.

In an example of harmony set during this festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, a Muslim man, below the guidance of a Sikh bakery owner, has made a 106kg Belgian chocolate Ganapati in Ludhiana.

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Harinder Kukreja, the bakery owner who has been performing the chocolate made-idol for the past 4-years, told.

“It took three days to make it and preferably of releasing it in water,

we will cover it in milk and make chocolate milk and share it to poor children.”

He more added, “to preach the message of peace and harmony; this plan has mainly been given to a Muslim artist, who created out a beautiful idol with chocolate.”

Varsha, a devotee, told that she has come to see Ganesha made of 106 kg Belgian chocolate special that is seen almost nowhere.

the best information about this idol is that it does not create any pollution as compared to other Ganesha idol, which is made of plaster of Paris (POP) and plastic.


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