10 Min of Yoga to Jumpstart Your Work Day

Require a little more strength to start your workday, right?

Try on this 10-minute yoga flow for size to evaluate your body and concentrate your mind.

And no special exercise gear or studio space needed —these beginner-friendly yoga postures can be performed on a mat or in the rest of your living room.

Make this yoga routine wake you up with adaptability, balance and health so you can handle the day, including a zen mindset.

Child’s Pose

Bend, then take your knees loose and long digits to touch.

Walk your hands forward to your forehand leans lightly on the ground.

Train Deep, even smells and breathes for about 3-5 breaths as you let go of confusion and concentrate on your yoga workout.


Rise of child’s pose to tabletop, with your arms stacked over wrists and your hips accumulated over knees.

Place same weight through your hands and knees, relax your feet, engage your abdominal muscles and lengthen your spine.

The gaze is down in your hands.

(Tip: if this hurts your knees, place a towel or folded upside of a yoga mat under your knees for more comfort)

Cat Pose

Press into your hands to shape your upper back, as if a string were removing the middle of your back to the roof.

Release your head and tuck your chin to chest, holding your stomach toward a point.

Cow Pose

Lower your stomach and boost your ribs.

Stay trained in your hands as you grow your arms. Lift your gaze to look ahead or up, and round out your lower back.

Drop your arms apart from ears.

You are alternating between cat and cow two or three more times.

Downward Facing Dog

Step your hands forward an inch or two, turn your toes underneath and lift your hips into downward-facing dog.

Your legs can have a small bend, but give your heels to the floor.

Ground down for all your fingers, especially that space between your thumb & first finger, & press through your arms while raising your hips up & back.

Stay for 3-5 breathing.

Forward Fold

Slowly walk your feet to your hands and start shoulder-width apart.

With a slight curve in your knees, lower the top from your head toward the ground, belly moving to legs, and let your hands hang down to your toes.

Rest your upper body. Attempt moving your neck about here, examining how it feels to change or align your knees, supporting stiffness or tightness in any part of your body.

Wait for a few breaths.

Halfway Lift

On a breathe, place hands at your shins and lift your shoulders to stay in line with your hips.

Breathe here, as your body makes a right angle. Engage your heart and open your chest first. Look down to reach the back of your neck, & keep your neck protected.

Exhale to forward turn and repeat.


Slide your arms up to the sky, standing tall.

Have equal weight through both from your feet, by strong legs and a capable core.

Soften your shoulders away of your ears and extend your fingertips up while your palms face one another.

Your body is one long line from energy: head over shoulders over hips up heels.

Breath to 3-5 counts, close your eyes and arranged a purpose for your day.

Side Stretch

Exhale to pull to one side of your body, having weight equal through both feet.

Return to the centre then spread to the other side. Engage your abs to defend your low back.

Only go far to keep your breath comfortable and avoiding chewing through each side of your body.

Repeat 2 more times, to any total of 3 times on every side of your body.

Mini Backbend

Come back into tadasana for a mini-backbend: turn your curves to each side of your body at arm -height, like a goalpost, and raise your chest and chin up.

Keep that front side of your body, quadriceps and core healthy.

Pull your shoulders down your back as you start your heart toward the cover.

Stay as breath, then rise back up to the position.


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